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IAS topper among women is originally from Bihar


Patna,(BiharTimes): Iva Sahay, who stood third and first among woman candidates in the 2009 Union Public Service Examination is originally from Bihar. It is only that his father is head of the department of Anthropology in Allahabad University.

Iva attributed her success to her father, Prof Vijoy S Sahay, and her all-out pursuance of the goal. She told media that she fancied IAS at an early age of four or five. It turned into an obsession by the time she reached high school. She did her schooling from Ranchi (then a part of Bihar) and Allahabad.

She said her class teacher, Mrs Banerjee, apart from the family members believed in her dream of becoming an IAS.'

Iva has opted for the IAS, notwithstanding her family’s insistence on taking up the Indian Foreign Service.

Apart from her, Shambhu Kumar Singh of Begusarai district secured 47th rank while Meenu Jha of Patna University stood 59. Nishikant Singh of Allawalpur in Patna district ranked 82nd. He had earlier made it in the BPSC too.

Sadiq ranked 157th while Satyarth Anirudh of Buxar secured 206 rank. Bhagvati Charan of Patna ranked 387, Sudhanshu Rai of Patna University secured 401st position. He is a son of a farmer of Siwan district.





I guess, all the readers have given their best to describe the current situation of Bihar and most of them are near to truth. I won’t write absolutely right as it is very unlikey.Lets look at the positive aspect of Bihar, At least with our current achievement I could say that improvement slowly getting into our blood. We were good there is no objection in it but always praising our past is not a good idea. Reforming our self is only go .Watching these many people competing in IAS exam makes all the Biharies happy but it does not mean other Biharies, who is serving for country in other areas have less talent or serving comparatively less talented work. All of us know, sometimes it is matter of choice whether you are opting a certain field or not and I am dead sure so many Biharies already doing excellent piece of work in other areas. My concern is , it is always good to see the people competing in such a prestigious exams but as we know administrative service comes with bigger challenges too .Just for competing the exam if somebody join this prestigious job , I guess really not worthfull.People with IAS caliber should think out of box and gives the society all the benefit of their talent. With my small experience I could say, competing exam is one thing but serving as per the expectation of job is other and what I am really looking here is later one.



Every year we get the fantastic results about Biharis doing exceptionally well in the IAS ,IIT Super30 etc.
But why does the mention of Bihar brings a naughty grin on peoples face?Why are Biharis looked up as
a lazy,rugged, uncouth people?Many times when we speak in proper English we are asked with surprise
Are you REALLY a Bihari. We need to build up the image of Bihar .It requires a good and honest governance
including the bureaucrats.I am sure we shall attain our lost glory in due course of time.

Syed Khalid Nasiruddin

Saudi Arabia


I do not understand the euphoria about IAS from Bihar. Although, the
exam is very tough , the Indian administration is considered one of
the worst in whole world(It was ranked last in Asia. ). It is personal
achievement as the job is with nice pay, perks and authority and no
responsibility. Most severe punishment for wrong doing for them is
"forced(paid) vacation". Once joined the service most of them are good
for nothing. Motivated one generally quit the job and join private
sector and people have to be put up with one who think they are king
and normal people as servant.



Congratulations to all people from Bihar who have secured position in civil cervices and other competitive examination. Although Bihar has been recognized as the factory to produce most talented, hard working and competitive people but still our state is less grown and more corrupted. Still there is a very big difference between people at socioeconomic level. I think reason behind this is our bad luck that we didn't get honest leader before and all the past leaders (Mishra to Yadav) didn't do any job for the upliftment of Bihar. They only distributed the poison in the society in the name of Cast and religion and drew the state 30 years back.
So, first of all I request you all officers to be honest and do your best to remove corruption at all level in your working area and I have feelings that some officers have already started their jobs in this direction. Please think about your position at administrative level and how can you give your best to the society. I think if everyone in the society will be happy then you don't need to be sad for your own prosperity.
I am totally agreeing with Mr. Piyush Nimiyar that wee need to have more and more entrepreneurs. So, people in the area of Science and technology should think to start small industries in the state. I request government to provide appropriate infrastructure and resources to them. Finally I request all of you to please cooperate with each other. Hope our dream will come true in the leadership of Nitish Kumar and our state will be at the top position in next 10 years.
Thanks and Best wishes.

Ramesh Kumar
Nauhatta, Saharsa, Bihar.
Genome Stability Laboratory.


I would like to say to the people of Bihar through your leading internet media that Bihar should think beyond IAS/IPS examinations. There is a lot of IAS/IPS officer from Bihar but they have not added value to the growth of Bihar so far, young Bihar should think about entrepreneurship and other option so that they can add more and more capital to Bihar in terms of employments and bigger GDP’s of Bihar.
Jago Bihar Jago…

Piyush Nimiyar
New Delhi


Congratulations to all the successful cadidates, their parents, teachers n whole Bihar state. It's proud moment for all of them that they have achieved what they dream, still long way to go in the life. So, my best wishes to all of them.
Congratulations once again.
Special thanks to Bihartimes group to make the news accessible to us.

Raman Kumar, IAS 2009 (Bihar Cadre).



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