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have heard of chief secretary rectifying his mistakes after submitting report to cm?

.patna,(bihartimes): can there be any scope for ‘corrigendum’––in fact corrigenda as there are half a dozen errors––in any official report and that too a week after it was submitted to none else but the chief minister of the state?

obviously not. but the case of the chief secretary of bihar, anup mukherjee, is something different. he added six changes to his report (http://gov.bih.nic.in/documents/biada-report-corrections.pdf) on august 4 only after bihartimes (chief secretary’s report inadvertently lands govt in further trouble )and a national daily highlighted how the project clearance committee (pcc) of bihar industrial area development authority (biada) took up the case of rahmat amanullah, urvashi shahi and rahul kumar.

rahmat, according to the earlier report, applied for a two-acre land in the bihiya industrial area in bhojpur district only on may 24, 2011. the same day the pcc cleared it and on june 17, 2011, she was given the allotment of land.

now the corrigendum says that she applied for land on may 18, 2011 and the pcc sat on may 24.
what is interesting is that the corrigendum also mentions that rahmat had experience of five years and not seven years as mentioned in the earlier report.

interestingly, much before the chief secretary submitted his report the telegraph carried a report on july 21 (http://www.telegraphindia.com/1110721/jsp/bihar/story_14266527.jsp) last stating that rahmat passed her mba from symbiosis in 2006. had the chief secretary even gone through the newspaper report he would not have made any mistake.

incidentally, jagdish sharma’s mla son, rahul too is symbiosis pass-out from 2008. he got land in 2010 when he had just two years experience.

the moot question is: can a chief secretary with about four decades of experience in administration and on the verge of retirement be so casual in submitting the report. or has he responded only after the media raised the question? or is there something else?

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biada report: on allotment of land, as submitted by the chief secretary, govt. of bihar. - 25-07-2011.

biada report: minor corrections incorporated in the biada report as submitted by the chief secretary, govt. of bihar. - 04-08-2011.



corrigendum is permitted everywhere so there is no point to always read between the lines. since matter is now sub judice so wait for the time being.

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by rectifying his mistakes in the official report to the chief minister on biada land allotments the chief secretary anup mukherjee has exposed how talented, upright and honest he is.
the corrigendum or rejoinder to his earlier report has exposed anup mukherjee’s ability and official knowledge to handle administrative matter as chief secretary. anup in his corrigendum has himself pointed out fallacies in his earlier report, submitted to the cm nitish kumar and changed the report at certain places. anup has gone beyond his jurisdiction on points to be probed as directed by the cm and indicted print and electronic media for creating sensation over the issue and recommending action and lodging of criminal cases against journalists and media concerned for these so called lapses as defined by anup in his self-styled manner.

mediapersons from various places have criticised anup for going beyond jurisdiction and instead of going to
press council, he has suggested criminal cases against the media concerned. the tragedy is that when the state government found itself in a beleaguered position it got planted a story in a premier english daily projecting anup as an efficient, deligent and best among the lots of ias in bihar.
bihartimes has done a great service by highlighting anup’s corrigendum. those who were critical of his report now stand vindicated.

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surprised to see that the man who was one of the contender for country's top bureaucrtaic post can do so many mistakes in a inquiry. he has to go only half a dozen files. biada should put all informations like date of application , date of pcc meeting and date of allotment public preferably on website. it appears full blown case of favouritism

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this refers to your story http://www.bihartimes.in/newsbihar/2011/aug/newsbihar08aug2.html which has exposed all the tall claims of nitish kumar govt on the alleged biada scam… it appears that in his 18-pages report the bihar chief secretary, though, tried his best to cover-up and defend the land allotment procedures to all those kith and kin of ministers and bureaucrats close to nitish kumar but bt sniffed between the lines and got the sense…tks for your meticulous journalistic exercise which, of course, has been luxuriously ignored by mainstream media in bihar [wasn’t ignorance bliss for them?!] some said that in his first report the bihar cs even had forgot to put his signature on the dotted lines…if its true, mukherjee sahib must have played safe for his post-retirement bouncers!!! keep it up..the day is not far away when people of bihar would be addicted to bt every morning rather than to so called media claiming to be mainstream, read midstream!!!

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