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cops who thrashed jd(u) leader’s son for ‘molestation’ suspended

patna,(bihartimes): those who were quick to praise the nitish kumar government for getting the son of a janata dal (united) leader arrested and beaten up for teasing girls in maurya lok complex are in for a huge shock.

the policemen who ‘taught’ this spoilt brat, son of a ruling party leader, a lesson were on monday suspended by none else but the ssp, patna, alok kumar. the latter could not have taken the step on his own and the message appears to be loud and clear: the government stands behind the youth who created scene in maurya lok on sunday.
eye-witnesses said that the drunken youth ajay alias manu, son of janata dal (united) leader, vijay yadav, on busy sunday evening allegedly molested women and girls and abused the men who resisted him in the busy maurya lok complex.
however, when the situation went out of control the local people somehow overpowered him and handed him over to the two cops present in the market complex. but it was not an easy task for the two policemen to bring him to the nearby kotwali police station. he physically tried his level best to free himself and in the process threw away files and chairs of the police station. he kept shouting that he is the son of a senior janata dal (united) leader, vijay yadav, and any attempt to touch him would have grave consequences. the cops refused to accept his version and treated him like an ordinary miscreant.
when the policemen tried to take him to hospital for his medical examination to ascertain whether he was drunk or not the 28-year old youth tried to jump out of the vehicle. manu lives in the nearby grand apartments at dak bungalow crossing.
fed up with the scene created by him the police soundly thrashed the youth. the electronic media openly highlighted the shots of manu getting beaten up by the cops.
though many in the state capital were delighted and took a sigh of relief when they watched the tv footage the powers that be felt offended and struck back. the two policemen sub inspector ved vyas singh and constable valmiki singh were suspended for alleged excesses against the youth.
the government action has enraged the police fraternity, who are now blaming the political executive for this highhandedness.
what is strange: janata dal (united) spokesman sanjay kumar singh, mlc, on monday denied that the youth’s father was in any way ever associated with the party.
he has raised more questions than answer. if vijay is not in the party then how is it that he managed to get suspended the two cops who beat up his drunken son?



first thanks to you in bringing this news that police were suspended.

we all should support police men who dare to fight with laloo goon.
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patna, newyork


the news video suggested that he was a pure nautanki roadside romeo i don’t know whether this story of youth is true or false, but if this is true,
we strongly condemn the suspension of those policemen without giving them a chance to defend themselves. it was clearly visible that he was not cooperating with policemen at all and he was not willing to even walk. human right activists please suggest how would you arrest and bring such a drunken person to police station.
we need to give message to the anti social elements for keeping order in the society.

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i agree that policing does not mean brutality.
but, i as a bihari am ready to sacrifice the humane part of policing as long as i am given the mental peace of roaming around in bihar 24 hrs a day with total fearlessness.
mr. nitish and bihar police should definitely be commended for establishing a rule of law in bihar after the 2 decades of lawlessness.
a spoilt brat, be of a politician or of any body else, must be taught a lesson by the so called brutal police if these goons try to replicate the scene of old days to the poor citizens of patna.
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bangkok (thailand)


you should have talked to chief correspondent od ndtv and other news channel who described this as barbaric atrocity. shame to see you so biased.

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i feel there should be public support to such cops who dare to protect common people from these powerful goons . we must raise our voice against illegal suspension of this cop . how long we will sit back and live a fearful life. please raise this issue and put pressure on gov. to take action against the culprit (ajay and sr. police responsible for illegal suspension ) and immediate release of the brave cop.
when we demand , gov. has to listen

sanjay kumar


i have seen this scene live on aajtak on sunday . i was glad to know that bihar police is doing good job boldly. but this message or news will down the moral of bihar police who is really working honestly. so please support the media for two suspended police or nitishji personally interfere in this matter. otherwise it will wrong message impact on our society. what is difference between nitish & laalu . what is sushasan . i will request to media also please support the police which have done great job & show the real face of vijay & ajay yadav in our society.

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