Dikshit booed at Jantar Mantar


New Delhi, Dec 29 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit was booed by angry crowds at Jantar Mantar here Saturday when she went to the protest site to pay her tribute to the gang-rape victim who died in a Singapore hospital.

Furious young men and women were furious when they saw Dikshit approach the gathering with her security personnel, and began shouting: "Sheila Dikshit wapas jao!" and "Sheila Dikshit go back!"

As she kept walking towards the site, the crowds became angrier and noisier. A shaken chief minister quickly lit a candle under a tree, bowed her head and quickly left.

All through her brief presence at the site, policemen jostled with the more militant ones in the crowd to keep them from reaching the chief minister.

The protesters kept screaming that they would not allow any politician to reach Jantar Mantar.

Jantar Mantar is one of two spots where Delhi Police have allowed people protesting the death of the rape victim to gather.




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