Bihar spends Rs 141.95 crore on VIP security

Patna (BiharTimes)It has surprised one and all that a state like Bihar with lowest per capita income is spending whopping amount of 141.95 crore annually for providing security to 3591 VIPs, largest number among all states. This startling disclosure was made in the affidavit submitted by the state govt. before the supreme court.  It was also pointed out that out of these protected persons, the number of people currently facing serious criminal charges is 70 who include businessmen, MLAs and ex-MLAs.  This list also includes 382 private individuals getting VIP security in the state.

Bihar is among the state with one of the highest police-citizens ratio. There is one policeman for every 1,456 citizens. Only West Bengal with one policeman for 1,658 citizens is ahead of it. The country’s police personnel to population ratio is 1:761.

"Out of total 55000 policemen in the state about 10,000 are deployed on VIP security in the state. We can say that 20 percent force is protecting VIPs. Surprisingly the list of VIPs that includes ministers, judges, MLAs, MLCs and other VIPs may not cross the figure of 1500 but who are the other VIPs? They include political workers, contractors and businessmen mostly close to the power may be" said a senior police officer.

  In the Maoist infested state like Andhra Pradesh, monthly expenditure on providing security to 847 individuals, including public functionaries and private individuals, is Rs 8.9 crore and the total number of personnel involved in this is 4205.

In Karnataka, an expenditure of Rs 56,25,61,200 per annum is incurred in providing security to public functionaries and private individuals and the total number of security personnel deputed are 1586.

There are 41 persons facing investigation/criminal charges (excluding Lokayukta cases) who have been provided security.
In Kerala, 33 individuals have been given security at a cost of Rs 11.56 lakh to the exchequer. The total number of police personnel involved are 55.
In Tamil Nadu, Rs 2,69,75,000 per month is incurred in providing security to public functionaries/private individuals/otherdignitaries.
Security has been provided to 164 persons and the total number of security personnel deputed is 1015. There are five persons facing criminal charges who have been provided security.

According to the 'Data on Police Organisations in India-2012', prepared by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), for 14,842 protected people nation wide, 47,557 police personnel have been deputed for their security

Bihar has a unique distinction, as many as 3,591people were given police security, which is more than 20 per cent of the total national figure. This was followed by Punjab 1,798 and West Bengal 1,698. Getting security guard is considered as a status symbol.

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