Tyagi’s nomination: Nitish hits several birds with one stone 


Patna,(BiharTimes): The nomination of K C Tyagi as the Janata Dal (United) candidate for the Rajya Sabha by-poll is being interpreted differently within the NDA. While for the first time after a long interval the party president, Sharad Yadav, got his man from UP a ticket for the Rajya Sabha, the move confirms that chief minister, Nitish Kumar, wants to keep the former in good humour on the run-up to the Lok Sabha poll. 

That is why he, along with Sharad, party national general secretary, Shivanand Tiwary, and BJP spokesman, Shahnawaz Husain, was present at the time of filing of nomination papers on Saturday.

But a big question remains: Why Nitish agreed for a man from UP to replace the rebel Janata Dal (United) leader, Upendra Kushwaha, who gave up the seat. Was not there any one from Bihar to be sent to Rajya Sabha?

The truth is that Nitish wanted to hit more than two birds with just one stone. He not only pleased Sharad, but at the same time played a caste card. As Tyagi’s are almost equivalent to Bhumihars in west UP––the two castes have even marital relationship now––he wanted to keep the latter in good humour too.

The chief minister does not wish to lose Bhumihars as their hold is strong in rural Bihar. His government took no action against any Bhumihars who took part in violence and destruction of government and private property in Patna and Ara after the killing of Ranvi Sena chief, Brahmeshwar Singh Mukhiya on June 1.

Be it the death of BJP leader Kailashpati Mishra or former Janata Dal (United) minister, Ramashray Prasad Singh, he was among the first to pay a visit and give considerable amount of time.

Nitish appears to be confident that he does not need to replace one Kushwaha with another. With 118 Janata Dal (United) and 92 BJP MLAs Tyagi’s victory is a foregone conclusion. He may even go to parliament uncontested. 

The presence of Shahnawaz Husain was symbolic and that too with Shivanand Tiwari, who chose the occasion to berate the media over repeated question on Narendra Modi. The get together was there to send a message that all are one on the issue of alliance. The repeated contrary statements are made only for the consumption of the people. 

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