A week later Alok Kumar not yet suspended

Patna,(BiharTimes): About a week has passed since the news was broken that the DIG Saran, Alok Kumar, had demanded Rs 10 crore from a liquor manufacturer of UP. It was a top police official who disclosed the media this fact after a preliminary investigation.
There was speculation in the police headquarters that within a day or two an FIR would be lodged and the DIG may be suspended.

Yet seven days later, nothing of that sort happened. Instead the DIG was brought back to Patna in the police headquarters.

What is ironical is that the regional media is largely silent on the issue and is not questioning this lukewarm response of the police.

This is the response of the Nitish Kumar government, which makes tall claims about zero-tolerance towards corruption. It remained a mystery as to why the state government is so slow in taking action against this Jammu and Kashmir cadre IPS officer, who originally hails from Nalanda district of Bihar. After all it is the same Nitish Kumar government, which repeatedly takes credit for confiscation of the houses of former DGP, Narayan Mishra and senior IAS officer, S S Verma, when they were found to be involved in corruption cases. In fact even they never demanded Rs 10 crore from one person in over three decades of their services.

Similarly, the state government was extremely slow in taking action against K Senthil Kumar, the former Commissioner of Patna Municipal Corporation. In contrast the state government was quick in suspending a tribal woman IPS from Odisha, Ansuiya Ransing Sahu.

Now it has come out that she was suspended because she took on mafias of Sheikhpura, where she was SP for just six months––between March and September 2012. Instead she was charged with patronizing stone chip mafias, guessing centres, massage parlour, gambling and extortion.

Why this double standards? asked an IPS, who returned sometimes back.

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