Nitish points out to glaring historical mistakes in Narendra Modi’s speech

Patna,(BiharTimes): Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday took history class of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, and ridiculed the latter for lacing his Hunkar Rally speech with some glaring factural errors.
In his 75-minute long point-by-point rebuttal of his Gujarat counterpart at Chintan Shivir in Rajgir he asked as to what type of history was Narendra Modi teaching to the people. The Bihar chief minister said that the Gujarat chief minister mixed up Chandragupta Maurya with Chandragupta of Gupta dynasty.
Ashok was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, whose empire is known the world over. This Chandragupta was not of Gupta empire as was mentioned in the Hunkar Rally speech.
Nitish asked as to how is it that Taxila has been mentioned in Bihar. “It is in Pakistan and I had the opportunity to go there during my visit to that country. Chanakya was professor in Taxila.”
Pointing out to Sankarshan Thakur (The Telegraph’s Roving Editor), who was sitting in the Press gallery, he said “I am extremely thankful to him for taking a photo from his camera of Taxila and presented it to me.” Thakur was there for reporting for his newspaper.
Nitish then asked “when did Sikandar (Alexander) came to Ganga. His army got tired and went back from Sutlej,” the Bihar chief minister said while mocking at Narendra Modi’s poor knowledge of history.
He said that he failed to understand as to why was a prime ministerial candidate so excited and worried and abusing his political rivals.
A prime ministerial candidate should be cool and calm and not abusive.
Paani pi pi kar kosa hai (He abused me while taking water after water).
Does a prime minister candidate speak the language like Chun Chun kar saaf karoge. Does this happen in democracy. In democracy parties win or lose, not wiped out the opposition, he said and than added that this happens only in fascism. He equated Modi with Hitler and said that his information minister, Goebbels was master in propagating lies.
He denied that he ever shared table with Narendra Modi and Prime minister for lunch and said that it is a blatant lie.
He warned the media people that they would not be allowed to write or show anything in channel when fascism would come in the country.

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