Fastest growth of migrants from Bihar to Delhi in recent years

Patna,(BiharTimes): Notwithstanding tall claims that migration from Bihar has slowed down a recent study suggests that it saw a big rise in one decade, so far at least moving to Delhi is concerned.
According to the the Institute for Human Development (IHD) for the Delhi government as part of Delhi’s Human Development Report 2013 (DHDR) survey the biggest change in the migrant profile is from Bihar. Migrants from this state have shot up from 14 per cent in 2001 to nearly 31 per cent in 2013.
However, Uttar Pradesh continues to be the state from which the largest share of migrants come to Delhi—about 47 per cent, up from about 43 per cent in 2001.
A Perceptions Survey of 8,029 persons give an indication of the changing face of Delhi. People who came to Delhi up to 20 years ago were considered migrants for the survey. The bulk of migrants still give job related factors for coming all the way to Delhi.
The survey said there is an increasing proportion that gives 'education and training' as the reason. Among those who migrated to Delhi a decade ago, about three-fourths said they came looking for better salaries or employment, while only 18 per cent came for education.
But the survey said among those who came to Delhi within the last one year, 40 per cent said they were studying while 57 per cent came for job related reasons.
The IHD study says the national capital has emerged as a centre for the services sector. Its earlier base of industry has eroded.
Over 85 per cent of Gross State Domestic Product of Delhi comes from the services sector while industry contributes just 14 per cent. The growth of the services sector in Delhi has also brought with it a growth of highly vulnerable, low-paid and informal jobs.

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