End of dynasty rule has come, says Modi


Palamu/Kodarma/Buxar/Nawada, April 2 : BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Wednesday called for an end to dynastic politics, saying there was no place for it in Indian democracy.

The Gujarat chief minister, who Wednesday addressed four rallies in Bihar and Jharkhand as part of his Bharat Vijay rally series, slammed the Congress-led government for not bringing back black money from foreign banks.

"The Congress is a party of mother and son, the Samajwadi Party is a father, son and daughter-in-law party, the Rashtriya Janata Dal is a husband and wife party, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha is a father and son party," Modi said at a rally at Palamu in Jharkhand.

"Dynastic politics has no importance in a democracy," the Bharatiya Janata Party leader said.

In mica-rich Kodarma in Jharkhand, he said the state's resources were being looted. "People of Jharkhand are suffering because natural resources are being looted here."

Modi slammed the Congress-led central government for not knowing the grassroots-level realities while making plans.

"They make development plans in air conditioned rooms in Delhi, they have no connection with the people," Modi said.

"Election in Delhi is about capturing power, it's a narrow view of democracy."

In Buxar in Bihar, Modi vowed to bring back black money stashed in foreign countries if the BJP-led alliance is voted to power.

"If the Bharatiya Janata Party government is formed in Delhi, I promise to bring back the black money and it will be used for welfare schemes for the poor," he said.

"Give us all 40 seats in Bihar as we want to form a government in Delhi with over 300 seats to take the right decisions."

He also remembered the victims of serial blasts during his rally in Patna in October 2013 - in which five people were killed and over 80 injured - and slammed the administration for "sleeping" during the blasts.

"The time for promises is gone. Now Bihar needs resolution," Modi said.

Asking people to vote for the BJP, he said the Congress has not fulfilled any promises it had made in the 2009 polls.

"The Congress manifesto is nothing but a dhokha-patra," he said.

In a bid to woo Yadav voters, Modi said he hails from Dwarka and hence it was natural for him to be emotionally attached with the Yadav community.

In his rally at Nawada, Bihar, Modi accused the Congress-led union government of promoting the destruction of the country's livestock.

Modi said the union government was slashing subsidies on agriculture to encourage meat export.

"Bihar is a land of people who worship cows but leaders like Lalu Prasad have joined hands with those who are promoting meat export. The green revolution has been sidelined and the government at the centre is destroying the country's livestock in the name of the pink revolution," he added.


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