BJP baring its communal fangs: CPI-M


New Delhi, May 1 (IANS) The CPI-M Thursday accused the BJP of baring its "communal fangs" and called for a non-BJP, non-Congress government from this Lok Sabha election.

"As the final two phases of the elections approach, the RSS/BJP is systematically stoking communal passions," an editorial in CPI-M journal "People's Democracy" said.

"This is because the bulk of the seats in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will go to polls in these phases.

"Apart from sending the largest number of members to the Lok Sabha, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar constitute the heartland of the Hindi belt crucial for the communal forces and often regarded as their strongest support base."

The magazine said that the "worst of the vote bank politics - consolidation of the majority Hindu vote bank - is now being unleashed".

It said BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's latest call against Bangladeshis living illegally in India "is nothing but the signal to Hindutva storm troopers to go on a communal offensive".

The editorial said that "such spread of communal poison and polarisation may fetch the BJP some electoral dividends but that shall be at the grave expense of India’s unity and integrity and communal harmony".

It said it was necessary that people should ensure that these elections produce an alternative government, "alternative to both Congress and the BJP, that will pursue alternative policies".

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