Midnight drama over search of Rabri’s car takes political turn


Patna,(BiharTimes): The search of former chief minister Rabri Devi’s car in the wee hours of Sunday at Shivbachan Chowk near Sonepur in Saran district by police has created storm in the state with RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav going to the extent of alleging that there was a plot to kill his wife.He also charged that there was no woman police constable present on the occasion.

On the other hand the superintendent of police, Sudhir Kumar Singh, said that they acted after they got information that Lalu and Rabri were allegedly distributing money in the constituency.

He dismissed the allegations about absence of women constables and said Rabri Devi has got women policemen with her and they were present there. He alleged both RJD leaders and their supporters tried to obstruct government officials from doing their duty. 

He said the videographer present with the team was beaten up and his camera was vandalized.

The Election Commission justified the move on the plea that it was a routine matter and vehicles of anyone can be checked and there is nothing unusual in it. 

It all happened in the early hours of Sunday near Sonepur when the car was stopped and search ordered. The search team was led by the police in charge of Sonepur police station, Chandra Bhushan Mishra. 

Soon Lalu Prasad reached the spot and resisted the search. Television reports show how he shouted at the officials and challenged them.

The Election Commission said that the search could not be done because of this resistance. In the meantime a large number of supporters of RJD reached the spot and also opposed the checking of the vehicle of former CM.

A case has been lodged by both the parties.

Meanwhile, Rabri Devi alleged that during the time of incident a black Scorpio was constantly chasing her vehicle and was trying to overtake them.

No doubt, a black Scorpio car was found on the site, where police searched Rabri. The number plate of the car was also found inside it rather than its usual place.

Police officers present on the site said that the search operation was launched only after the Election Commission gave them order.

The SDM of the area has accused the supporters of Lalu of physically assaulting them.
According to reports, the Election Commission is likely to take legal action against the duo for flouting the Model Code of conduct. 

However, Lalu refuted allegations of distributing cash and termed it a part of conspiracy. He also said eight criminals were following Rabri’s carcade in a black Scorpio since it started from Chhapra. The plan was either to kill her or to implant cash in her vehicles. When they could not overtake her car, the police stopped it on the pretext of search though there was no woman constable or proper permission papers.

“The police had checked our vehicle and suitcase earlier too so there was no reason for checking again,” Rabri Devi said. 

Lalu blamed the communal forces for this action and said there was no videographer with the police. They tried to harass a woman candidate. 

“I am not letting this go. We will be complaining to the Election Commission,” he added.

The BJP, on the other hand, called for lodging of case against Rabri Devi and Lalu Prasad.

Though both Rabri and police have their points it is the timing of the checking––after midnight––which raised some questions.

Besides, the presence of number-less Scorpio did lend some credence to his allegation.

If the charge is true that she was distributing money to voters why was she doing it so late after midnight. The police could have carried the search while she was going to Saran from Patna, possibly with the money, and not while returning.

It may be quite possible that by late night she might have distributed all the money.


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