Manjhi launches oust Nitish campaign through Gareeb Swabhiman Rally in Muzaffarpur

Patna,(BiharTimes): The Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM) on Monday launched the oust-Nitish campaign with a Gareeb Swabhiman Rally in Muzaffarpur.

He openly exhorted his supporters to teach Nitish Kumar a lesson in coming election to avenge the humiliating treatment given to him.

Manjhi also disclosed how the estimate scam is going on in the state when one kiometer road is estimated for 5 crores where as its real cost is one crore only.

He said Nitish had been spending crores of rupees on unnecessary projects such as construction of international museum, new state Assembly building and bungalows for legislators. On the other hand when it comes to the salary enhancement of teachers,home guards, police he cries for resource crunch

Manjhi claimed as to how he tried to work for the women, Dalits, minorities, farmers and poor hailing from the upper caste.He said that women belonging to Bhumihar, Rajput, Brahmin and Kayastha castes would commit suicide rather than take up the menial work. Keeping this in mind his government tried to do something for the poor people of the upper castes.He said that he set up a committee to look into the slow progress being made by Shrawan Aayog (Upper Caste Commission).

According to him Nitish heaped humiliation on MLAs by stopping the MLA local area development fund on the plea that they are being looted by the legislators.Former ministers Narendra Singh, Brishen Patel, Shahid Ali Khan, Nitish Mishra etc as well as rebel JD(U) legislators and leaders were present on the occasion.

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