Modi accuses grand alliance of "sheltering" terrorists

Darbhanga, Nov 2 Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused grand alliance leaders for playing with nation's security by "sheltering" those promoting terror and asked if such people should be allowed to form government in the state.

"When there were blasts in Pune and Mumbai and a dalit police officer was investigating the 'Darbhanga module' of terror, its strings touched some leaders closely associated with those in power.
"While no action was taken against those encouraging and blessing people involved in terrorist activities, the brave policewoman seeking to find the truth was forced to leave Darbhanga and Bihar.

"Do you want such people to rule in Patna who play with the country's security, those who shelter terrorists and encourage them? Do you want a government of such people? Do you want terrorism to enter this land of Bihar? Do you want Bihar to become a land of bomb blasts?" he asked.

He exhorted people to elect a BJP-led NDA government instead.

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