'Power improvement in Bihar helped Modi in Lok Sabha polls'

Patna, Oct 14 (IANS) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his remarks about the poor electricity scenario in the state, saying that improvement in the power situation in the state helped him in the Lok Sabha polls in 2014.

Nitish Kumar said people residing in rural areas were able to watch Modi's speeches and BJP's campaign on television news channels.

"If power situation had not improved then how could people have watched Modi and get influenced by his false promises and decide to vote for him," he said while addressing a rally in Belaganj assembly constituency in Gaya district.

"Modi has got the maximum benefit after the power situation improved in Bihar."

"Modi has been repeatedly telling people that power situation has not improved in Bihar. He has been lying and spreading falsehood, such people are ungrateful," the chief minister said.

"Modi is talking about poor electricity in his addresses during rallies but he hardly got response as villagers know the state of electricity has improved now."

According to him, the per capita consumption of electricity in the state has increased from 70 kWh in 2005 to 203 kWh in 2015.

"In November 2005, average availability of power was six to eight hours in the urban areas and two to three hours in rural areas. But in 2015, the average availability of power in urban areas is 22 to 24 hours and 15 to 16 hours in rural areas," Nitish Kumar said.

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