Media madness, Bihar parties’ stupidity and MCD poll


Soroor Ahmed

Giving so much coverage to the election of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) by the national capital region-based television channels needs to be questioned as hardly anyone in the country is interested in so localized politics of a certain metro. Unlike parliamentary and Assembly elections the turnout in the MCD poll was much low, thereby clearly indicating how less the voters were involved in it. After all in many places the local bodies’ election are not fought on the party basis.

Where was the need for the Exit Poll of MCD election, when it was a foregone conclusion after Rajouri Garden by-election result and desertion from Congress that the BJP is going to win in a big way.

The Exit Poll was followed by day-long panel discussions on most of the national channels and that too on the working day on April 26. The channels are fooling themselves and not anyone else as in the process they have ignored discussions on various national and international issues.

But many common people may not be knowing that there are some beneficiaries of this media madness. They are the bookies, who try to mint money––even at the cost of risk––from any type of game, political or otherwise. Thus the media, directly or indirectly, plays its part in the money begets money racket.

 Truly speaking even the BJP supporters were not so enthusiastic about Exit Poll of MCD as they were already confident of victory.

The big questions are: if the Corporation polls are so important where were all the channels in 2012 which the BJP won and that too after the Anna Hazare movement? (Arvind Kejriwal is the product of that movement). Why not give equal coverage to Corporation election in other cities?

The second point to note is the stupidity of Janata Dal (United)––and even RJD––to contest the MCD election when the poll has hardly any political significance in Bihar. Besides, neither the JD(U) nor the RJD has any base whatsoever in Delhi. After all they had not contested the Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh, whose result compelled them to think of the unity among non-BJP parties. So why at this juncture they were reminded of contesting the MCD polls? Does not the JD(U) know who badly it was routed in the last Assembly election in Delhi?

After all these two parties were relying heavily on the voters of the Bihari origin living in Delhi. They need to know that by the time these migrants become the voters of Delhi with name in voters’ list there they cease to remain a full Bihari. They think as a Delhiwallah, especially in the local bodies election as they want their day to day problems of drainage, water supply etc solved. So some of them may have soft corner for chief minister Nitish Kumar or RJD president Lalu Prasad Yadav, but when it comes to voting they would vote keeping in mind the parties who matter in Delhi. They ended up with eggs on their faces.


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