What is wrong if we gifted land to Lalu, say RJD leaders on ‘factually wrong’ SuMo charges

Patna,(BiharTimes): Two senior RJD leaders, Kanti Singh and Jagdanand Singh as well as Ajit Jha, son of Raghunath Jha, on Friday launched a scathing attack on senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi for hurling misleading and baseless allegations full of factual errors on the party chief Lalu Prasad.

In a joint Press conference they sought to corner SuMo, who according to Jagdanand Singh, must have been wearing half-pants when Raghunath Jha became MLA for the first time in 1972 and minister in the state in 1980.

Not only that Kanti Singh became minister for the first time not under Manmohan Singh government, in 2004 (as mentioned by SuMo), but in 1996 in the Deve Gowda and subsequently I K Gujral ministries. In fact she had a meteoric rise as she became an MLA for the first time in 1995 and MP in 1996. Her husband, Keshav Prasad Singh, was just a junior engineer then.

“If we want to make our leader financially strong, what is wrong in it?” asked Jagdanand Singh, considered as a sobre RJD leader who always stood behind Lalu.

“He fights for the poor people and champion the cause of social justice. Sushil Modi has made a baseless allegation. If there is any morality left in him, he should look at his own family before maligning our leader,” he said.

“From 1999 to 2009, Raghunath Jha was MP from Gopalganj and Bettiah. Modi ji said the cost of that land is Rs 15 crore; it was actually purchased for just Rs 1.95 lakh in the year 2000,” Jagdanand said. Addressing the Press Ajit Jha asked what the big deal it is if his father had gifted land. “We have family relationship with Lalu ji. The cost of the land was just Rs 1.95 lakh. When my father became the MP from Bettiah, there was hardly any use of that land; so he gifted it to Laluji's sons,” he said.

On the other hand Kanti Singh admitted she had given her land so that Lalu Prasad’s cows could get a home after the family had to leave 1-Anne Marg in 2006 after Rabri Devi ceased to remain as the chief minister.

“I accept that I had given the land on lease in 2006 after Rabri Devi was no more the chief minister and vacated 1 Aney Marg and they were looking for a place to accommodate their cows. In 2010 I sold that same land to Lalu ji’s family for Rs one crore as I needed money after I lost the Lok Sabha election in 2009," she said.


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