Know About the Government Job Opportunities In 2017

Brief Information
A governmental job in India is considered as the most secured and highly reputed workplace one can achieve in their life. Most of the students in India dream to become an employee of government job mainly because of the perks associated with the job.
For the smooth running of the government sectors like banks, administrative service, municipality service, railways, etc., there are various opening for eligible candidates, but seats are limited.
But the demand for this post is immense, an enormous number of students opt for the government exams conducted for varied type of position in the government offices.
Indian government appoints the eligible candidate in the respective position after they pass the examination and offers them a handsome salary along with various allowances that are not available in private sectors.
The job security is this sector is hundred percent and hardly anyone losses job until and unless there is some serious issue. Every year there is a vacancy in various sector of government, but the bank and railway sector are always in high demand due to a large number of opening every year.
These jobs offer fixed promotion, provident fund, pension, employee insurance, age relaxation, and reservation quota for SC, ST and OBC and reservation for women.
The government job recruitment process is easy, but there is a lot of filtration due to a limited vacancy in the government sector. Employees of government jobs have huge impact on the social life of citizens of India as they are the one for the steady running of the whole system of the government.
There are huge opportunities in private sector, but hardly any people misses job opportunities provided by government sector whether it is central, state or government undertaking.
People invest a lot of years in preparing themselves for the government job exams conducted throughout the year for the various positions.
Current Scenario of Opportunities in 2017
Over the past few years, the government jobs opportunity scenario has changed drastically as various new openings are coming up for aspirants. Previously there was only little recruitment for different positions in the governmental sector, and many students have to wait for years to get a job in a government office.
This sudden change in the scenario has flabbergasted everyone, and it has been possible due to various reforms in the management and development of policies that has allowed the government to provide opportunities to its youth. 
Nowadays, government job opportunities are not only restricted to certain states, and they are almost available everywhere. Aspirant from any state can apply for jobs in any part of the country, and there are various types of positions in government office although there are some clauses.
Due to recent tie-ups of government with foreign enterprises has led to the various opening of the Government Recruitments. It is estimated that in 2017, over two lakh government jobs will be created by the central administration.
33.05 lakh was the workforce for the 2015 to 2016 working year, but according to the central government, this figure might increase by 2.18 lakh which is a huge opportunity for the aspirant to hit a job.
Likewise, defense sector of India is also expected widen the job opportunity range by taking 10,894 new staff in their ministry. This is an astonishing figure for the aspirant who was hoping eagerly to get a job in defense sector of the Indian government.
According to reports, the police department will take a notch up their workforce from 10, 28,077 to 10, 75,341 thus providing a lot of opening for eligible candidates. Similarly, home ministry of India is also expected to take new candidates in their regime, and for that, they will open 5,635 job opportunities to enhance its work process.
Civil Aviation Ministry of India has also stated that they will broaden up their man power by including 1080 post in their sector so that it will reach an all total strength of 2,140. There was a limited vacancy in the department of Atomic Energy but in 2017 government is expected to reform this by carrying out 3,353 new recruitment.
These new opportunities will extend the total man force of atomic energy department to 38,025. Even the external affairs ministry won't be left behind as they are planning to open 2,072 new posts for eligible candidates in 2017 thus surpassing their current strength of 8,913.
According to the minister of state for personnel, public grievances, and pensions, the main reason behind this new opening in the government sector is to provide an opportunity for the youth of India and also betterment of the country.
The ministry of mines will boost up their workforce in 2017 by new 4,399 posts where the personal ministry is expected to provide 1,796 new vacancies in their sector. Currently, the government of India is pushing towards their goal for the employment generation potential scheme, and this will act as a boon to lakh of aspirants who are struggling to make a foothold in the government sector.
Indian government jobs have always been a lucrative offer for every eligible citizen and aspirants study for years to crack the exam of government job. Recently there was news about postgraduate students, and B.Tech students have been applying for low-levels government jobs like peon and security guard.
Apart from all these, the job opportunities are increasing day by day and to facilitate this process various online job portals site has come up that provides information about every new government job. Although it would be slightly tough for the aspirant to crack government job in 2017 but it will surely pay off.







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