BSSC’s strongroom was opened in 2012 too, but nobody was arrested: Chairman

Patna,(BiharTimes): “I would like to cite an incident of 2012: The BSSC’s strongroom containing answer-sheets of an examination to be conducted by it was opened in the night without authorisation. The exam was cancelled in 2015, but neither any officer was arrested nor the then chairman was questioned,” said the chairman of the Bihar Staff Selection Commission, Sudhir Kumar.

The senior IAS officer told the Times of India in an interview published on Sunday “I tried to convey the same to higher authorities or the minister concerned, nobody listened to me. The BSSC HQ is literally a place for those who do not want to work. Personnel with connections in the CMO or the chief secretary’s office or in the general administration department get transferred to the BSSC HQ. Such people do not work at all and indulge in nuisance, including sycophancy of their seniors.”

To a question “Do you think you would come clean, after all? What are your plans thereafter?” he replied “I am already clean. I know I have not done anything wrong and only performed the duties assigned to me. However, I would not like to remain the BSSC chairman any more as controversy is not good for any bureaucrat, especially for a down-to-earth officer like me who has never loved limelight -- good or bad.”

Sudhir Kumar, who too has been questioned by SIT, downplayed the political angle.

“I will not call it ‘political pressure’. However, politicians would make requests for favouritism. I worked as a DM in nine districts and, therefore, many politicians know me personally. These politicians were apparently approached by job seekers among their voters. They, in turn, used to call or visit me with such requests. What could have I done? I used to take their requests, but never acted on them.”

To another question he said “There are two sets of people who scandalised the examinations: First, the ones who felt insecure due to the fresh appointments being made through the examinations. At least 12,000 contractual employees were appointed by me in 2007. The fresh appointments would have led to overlapping on many positions. For instance, there are around 3,000 panchayat sewaks, who are also officiating as panchayat sachiv. The vacancies to be filled through the examinations also included those of panchayat sachiv. Second, the candidates who knew they won't be selected in the exams. They also tried to create hassles.

To another question “Do you think you will be made a scapegoat?” he answered “That's not possible. I have done my job honestly and sincerely.

The question raised in the interview as to why nobody was arrested in 2012 when strongroom was illegally opened may raise some very uncomfortable questions. As to how it escaped the media attention or why the powers that be did not crackdown on those involved?







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