Now bureaucrats, judges can not consume liquor even outside Bihar

Patna,(BiharTimes): As per the state cabinet’s new conduct rules approved on Wednesday bureaucrats and judicial officers cannot consume liquor or any intoxicating substance even when outside Bihar. They  would face departmental proceedings if they are caught violating it.

The rules would be applicabie right from Group A to Group D as well as and judicial officers.

The cabinet approved the Bihar Judicial Officers Conduct Rules, 2017, and amended the Bihar Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1976, for this purpose.

 According to Principal Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Brajesh Mehrotra, Patna High Court had sent a proposal for the Bihar Judicial Officers Conduct Rules, 2017, which had been approved.

He said earlier there was no rule for judicial officers with regard to consumption of intoxicating drinks or drugs. Now as per the conduct rules approved by the cabinet they would have to strictly abide by the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016 in any place, wherever they are.

In the same way the amendment in the conduct rules for government servants stipulates that he or she would have to strictly adhere to the ban on consumption of liquor and other intoxicating beverages or drugs in any place they might be present at any point of time.

Previously, the conduct rules for government servants laid down that they cannot consume intoxicants while on duty, or could not be found intoxicated at a public place, or consume such substances in public across the state.







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