Bihar minister blasts demonetization in presence of Union minister


Patna,(BiharTimes): Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh and Education Minister of Bihar, Ashok Chaudhary, who is also the state president of the Congress, had a verbal duel over demonetization and cashless transaction.

It all happened at an official function, Digital Dhan Mela, organised under the aegis of Niti Ayog on Sunday.

After the formal inaugration of the function by Union Agriculture Minister the Bihar Minister launch a blistering attack on the Centre for the bungled demonetization. He cited examples to highlight the sorry plight of the people and the hardship they faced in the last two months. He questioned the need for cashless transaction. The Union minister was taken aback by the outhurst of the state Congress chief.

His speech virtually cancelled out the very purpose of the Mela––that is, promotion of digital transaction––as many people appeared to be agreeing with him.

He said the cashless transaction was not safe and the Centre should have taken  foolproof measures to insulate it from cyber crimes before encouraging people to go for digital payments, he added.






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