SuMo comes up with another ‘land gift’ allegation on Rabri

Patna,(BiharTimes): Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Tuesday came up with another allegation on the land deal of Lalu Prasad’s family. This time a man, Lalan Chaudhary, said to be an employee in RJD chief’s cowshed, according to SuMo, gifted land to former chief minister Rabri Devi in Danapur in the western suburb of Patna.

While seeking a probe into the matter the BJP leader presented to mediapersons copies of the registered deed, according to which, Lalan, a resident of Barhariya in Siwan district, donated 1,088.8-square-feet plot in Danapur to Rabri in January 2014.

According to the deed the land, valued at Rs 23.8 lakh has a 500-square-feet house worth Rs seven lakh.

The deed document reads: “... the Donor is very close to the Donee for a long time and the Donee is also financially helping and rendering service to him for long time and therefore the Donor disclosed his intense desire to make gift his said property in favour of the Donee.”

Sushil Modi, while talking to the media on the sidelines of his weekly Janata Darbar, asked Rabri Devi to explain what kind of financial help she had been giving to Lalan and also what service she was rendering to him.

Lalan, the deed said, had bought the land in 2009 from Ratneshwar Prasad Yadav, of Tarapur in Munger, for Rs 3.97 lakh.

SuMo said this is a perfect case of ‘benami’ property in which a person uses his/her money to purchase a property in someone else’s name and then gets it transferred to one’s own name.

The former deputy chief minister also claimed he had sent his men to the village mentioned in the deed as Lalan’s address. The villagers told them that the latter used to work at the cowshed owned by Lalu Prasad’s family.

SuMo challenged Lalu and his family members to share in public details about Lalan and asked why people are not gifting property to Nitish Kumar though he has been chief minister of Bihar for so many years.




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