IIT-Roorkee felicitates environmental activist Guddu Baba

Patna,(BiharTimes): Environmental activist Guddu Baba (original name Vikas Chandra) was felicitated by IIT-Roorkee as an unsung hero for environmental activism and his campaign to save the Ganga.

He delivered this message “Ganga hamari jeevan dhara hai, Ganga ko bachana hai (Ganga is our lifeline, we have to save it) at the IIT-Roorkee annual technical festival, Cognizance 2017, 0rganized recently.

He was offered to take classes as a visiting professor and will be there in November and December, delivering lectures on environmental issues to students.

Guddu Baba told the students in IIT that a campaign should be undertaken to purify, not only Ganga, but all rivers as well as source of water, be it ponds, reservoirs or lakes. Only by doing so can the Earth be saved.

Guddu Baba started his crusade to save river Ganga when he undertook a 48 hours long fast in December 1998. Now he has a band of volunteers who work to keep the river clean.







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