What actually happened at Start Up meet

Patna,(BiharTimes): The detention of two entrepreneurs Nemi Kumar, 43, and Suresh Kumar Sharma, 46, has evoked question as to what actually happened at Start Up programme at S K Memorial Hall on Tuesday.

Media reports said it all started when Nemi, an MBA in rural management from an institute in Himachal Pradesh, raised the issue of lack of transparency about the selected start-up proposals and the grounds for rejection of the others at the event.

Nemi said he had submitted four start-up ideas, including one on making gadgets to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease among cattle and another on manufacturing automatic machines to stick bills and various types of paper cuttings for filing or documentation purposes.

According to a report in The Telegraph Nemi stood up during the event and pointed out that Bihar has launched a start-up policy and altogether 700 applications had reached the industries department, out of which 108 were accepted for partial government funding. But no list of the selected proposals was made public. He raised the issue in a forceful manner at the venue, which was overflowing with people. It immediately attracted the attention of everybody present. The security personnel swung into action and tried to remove him from the venue.

However, it did not go down well with the audience and sensing the mood, Patna district magistrate Sanjay Kumar Agarwal rushed towards Nemi and stopped the security personnel from ousting him.

Later, the chief minister, while addressing the summit, told the officials that he wanted to meet Nemi after the function.

Suresh raised an issue related to being harassed by bank officials with relation to a loan he had taken to manufacture machines to make “chura” (flattened rice) and “murhi” (puffed rice) while Nitish was speaking. The interruption made the chief minister lose his cool.

“If you want to say something, you should come here (on the dais) and speak. Had this been an interactive event, I would have fixed my schedule accordingly. The session of legislature is going on, so many things are there. You need to learn behavioural skills first before establishing start-ups,” Nitish told Suresh.

The chief minister, according to reports  met Nemi while leaving the venue around 1.45pm and listened to his grievance. Nitish directed the industries department to make public the list of the selected start-up proposals and also guide the applicants from the time they submit proposals.

Once he left the venue, sub-inspector with the special branch of the Bihar Police Om Prakash Srivastava stopped the two entrepreneurs, called a police vehicle and handed them over to the Gandhi Maidan police.





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