‘BJP putting firure of Rs 750 crore for hitherto non-existing mall’

Patna,(BiharTimes): First senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi and now Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad are repeatedly claiming that the total cost of the mall being built at Saguna More, the western outskirts of Patna, is Rs 750 crore.

But independent sources question their figure as the mall has not come up yet. They are asking as to on what basis the BJP leaders are putting the figure of Rs 750 crore.

Ironically, the media is publishing the figure without cross-checking it. After all the work has only started a few months back. Only last month SuMo raised the issue of soil scam alleging that the soil dug for the foundation is being used in Patna Zoo.

The former deputy CM had then alleged a Rs 90 lakh scandal, though the chief secretary, Anjani Kumar Singh, after a probe, denied any such scam.

The builder of the mall, Syed Abu Dojana, who is an RJD MLA, had already stated that both the price of the land and the project is being highly exaggerated by the BJP.

Dojana may be wrong; but what can not be denied is the claim of Rs 750 crore.

“A mall can be bult at Rs 1,000 crore or Rs 100 crore or even less. Or may be the work is stopped after initial stage. How come the BJP leaders are so emphatically asserting that its cost is Rs 750 crore,” asked an analyst.



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