Tej Pratap ‘threatens’ SuMo on son’s marriage funtion

Patna,(BiharTime): If a video clip doing the rounds in the social media and being shown by some regional TV channels are to be believed Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tej Pratap Yadav has threatened to beat up Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi at the wedding ceremony of latter’s son on December 3.

The video was reportedly recorded at a gathering in  Aurangabad on November 19, but went viral on Wednesday (Nov 22).

A person resembling Tej Pratap is heard in the clip as saying that he would “enter Modi’s house and beat him up” because his party’s quarrel with the BJP is “still on”.

SuMo’s son Utkarsh is scheduled to get married on December 3.

“He has invited me [for the wedding]–– he is humiliating us by inviting us... If I attend the wedding, I will expose him before everyone,” Tej Pratap is seen saying in the video.

“Our quarrel is still on. I will do politics there, because of the way we have been cheated...I will vandalise the wedding...enter his house and beat him up. I will insult him before the guests. I am a different type of person. I am emotional, like Lalu Yadav, who speaks whatever he feels like,” he said adding he feared no one.

“I only bow to my father and mother and Lord Shiv,” he said.

In response SuMo said as part of courtesy and social norms he sent invitation to leaders of all political parties, including those of the RJD.

“I don’t understand why he is bringing politics,” SuMo said. Lalu and his family should come to his son’s marriage and Lalu should ensure that his son does not create any disturbance.

Yuva BJP leaders on Thursday burnt the effigies of Tej Pratap and Lalu Prasad. They demanded apology from Tej Pratap.

Meanwhile, RJD MLA Bhai Birendra, said to be close to Lalu Prasad said on Thursday that Tej Pratap is the leader of his party. However, one should avoid such remarks.



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