Per capita spending on healthcare lowest in Bihar

Patna,(BiharTimes): With Rs 338  per capita per year Bihar is at the bottom in the list of states spending on healthcare. Himachal Pradesh, with Rs 20,000 per person per year, stands at the top of the list.

According to the National Health Accounts 2014-15 data people in Himachal spent only about half the total health expenditure from out of their own pockets, whereas in Bihar, the government's share was just 16.5% - which means about 82% of health expenditure was borne by the population.

The report also said Andhra Pradesh spent lowest at 15.4% as far as share of the total health spend is concerned, leaving people to spend 78% of total expenditure from their pocket.

Punjab spent just 17% of the total health expenditure while remaining 79.3% was borne out-of-pocket by the people.

The total health expenditure includes private or government-funded health insurance, spending by NGOs and by external donors. Hence, the share of households is not too high in some states, despite a low spending by the government.

Though the Maharashtra government spends only 17% of the total health expenditure, the share of households is only about 60% and the remaining 27% is being paid largely by insurance.



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