Transfer of CBI official probing Srijan Scam exposes govt’s claim of zero tolerance on corruption

Patna,(BiharTimes): The manner and timing of the transfer of CBI ASP S K Malik, who headed the 20-member team probing the Rs 1,300 crore Srijan Scam has exposed the tall claim of the Narendra Modi government about “Na Khayen ge, Na Khane Denge” (Neither I will indulge in corruption, nor would allow anyone to do so).

The transfer came just after Malik sought permission from the designated CBI court to arrest some senior politicians and bureaucrats.

Not only that, it came at the height of the Durga Puja when all the newspapers were closed for two days and regional TV channels were highlighting the news of festivals.

However, political observers are of the view that even if they were not close for two days because of the festival, newspapers barring one or two, would have reported this news.

“It is surprising that the media in Bihar is giving minimal coverage to Srijan Scam. Compare it with the coverage of Fodder  Scam in 1996-97. Almost every day for almost two years the newspapers were filled with news of that scam. There were no private TV channels then yet people were more informed about Fodder Scam than Srijan Scam,” said a journalist.

“I have to surf Bhagalpur edition of a Hindi daily, which gives some coverage to this scam,” he told BiharTimes.

Another political commentator questioned the media’s silence over the failure to arrest any senior official. Even the ADM of Bhagalpur, Jayshree Thakur, whose misdeeds appeared in a section of media way back in 2013, is still at large. 

“How can some lower level clerks, nazirs and bank employees indulge in such a huge scam without patronization from top political and permanent executives. Now that Malik sought their arrest he had been sent packing. Money-wise this scam is bigger than Fodder Scam. The need of the hour is to investigate whether fund transfer has taken place in rest of the district of Bihar or not,” he added.

A journalist, who runs a news-portal said that not only the media but even the opposition parties have failed to highlight the issue. Yes, RJD leader Lalu Prasad and his sons are repeatedly raising it, but there is no follow up action. Besides, he lacks moral will because of his involvement in a past scam.
He was in particular critical of the Left parties. “Where are they? Where is CPI ML, which at least won three seats in Bihar? This was the best time for their revival. But they are nowhere in the scene,” he told BiharTimes.

Now that an ASP rank officer has been transfer in such a way his successor may hesitate in laying hands on those involved in the scam. So far no house has been confiscated, no notice has been served and no prominent scamster has been nabbed. This is in total contrast to the Fodder Scam whose investigation was being monitored by the Patna high court, he added.





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