If Bihar’s minister is to be believed rats caused flood in the state

Patna,(BiharTimes): After having failed to made the pre-monsoon preparations to tackle flood Bihar’s water resources minister Lalan Singh blamed rats for the devastating floods in the 20 districts of the state.

The flood wreaked havoc in the state for about a fortnight killing hundreds of people and destroying thousands of houses, roads and bridges.

“Rats are the main reason behind the seepage of Kamla Balan River. Villagers tend to store their grains on the banks thus attracting rats. They then carve out holes in the embankments thus weakening the foundation,” the minister said after reviewing the   situation.

A few month back the state police claimed that the rodents have finished off more than nine lakh litres of seized alcohol stored in various police stations.

What the minister failed to explain as to why the flood devastated the entire north Bihar when he referred to the rats causing holes only in Kamla-Balan embankments.  Or if such big breaches were really caused by rodents why did not the administration plugged it on time.





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