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Privatisations of Government School – A better option –Shakil Kakvi

Shakil Ahmed Kakvi with PM Modi

Dear Sir,

School is human laboratory to shape the child behaviour, develop life skills, prepare the future of the Nation, The most urgent agenda of the Nation to be addressed is Present EDUCATION SYSTEM.

In each district of the state in India we are running different systems of the schools with one objective to produce BETTER CITIZEN   , like CBSE ,ICSE, State board, Madarsa Education system,Vidya peeth, Sanskrit board . The schools are categorised as Rich people School (Private schools) where all government officials’ wards are studying and Poor people school (Government schools) where children of the general people wards are accommodated. No government officials including employed Government teachers wards are not in Government schools. As a result even schools become the symbol of status in society.

One side the one hand the Government is putting full efforts to implement RTE Act 2009,(RIGHT TO EDUCATION)Free ,Compulsory and  equal access to Educational facilities  for every one aging 6-14 years, to achieve goal of 100% literacy in India. The different attractive schemes are implemented by government to ensure RTE at ground level like Mid-Day Meal, Poshak and cycle yojna, Scholarship, Free Education, High salaries for teachers but the result  are not up to the expectations or level of satisfactions.

With all above facilities the government schools are not able to retain enrolments till end of the year or Daily attendance after mid-Day meal. The attentions of government schools are yet not able to motivate a common daily wager man to send their wards from street to school. The other side of the pictures are:-

1.      Government paid employee from panchayat to parliament are not taking risk to send their wards to any of the Government school, while keen to reserve the seat through merit for Government Jobs by sending wards in private schools. They are the policies maker of RTE which can’t be experimented on them .Why not Government is asking the details of its employees ward’s school status to ensure the release of their salaries. It will increase the credibility of Government schools.

2.      The Government reimburse the School educational allowance of its employees of private schools Bill. It is quite contradictory as per the RTE Act 2009, enforced on 1 April 2010 says FREE and Compulsory Education for the age group 6-14 years. Why Government is paying our tax money to the employee when the education is free at Government Schools.

3.      The teaching is a noble profession .It is not a job. When teachers are send to make serves of different departments  on all kind of Government survey   program like animal , human census, All kind of campaigns, Schools are made centre for all kinds of Government schemes as a result the main sufferers are YOUNG INDIA ,Future of the NATION. Government should find some alternative arrangements like appointing time to time volunteers or take the help from NSS,NCC, SCOUTS & GUIDES, NGO, local elected bodies.

4.      Teachers are in kitchen / sent to bring ration / arranging meals. They are everywhere except in Class room, Mid-Day meal program.

5.      Students come to school with plate without slate.

6.      Government ensures the free delivery of text books to each students, which is normally delivered after half session with missing books.

7.      Urdu is second language in Bihar but  Urdu students are not able to get their Urdu books as a result No Urdu teachers are required and students Urdu daily periods are free to enjoy.

8.      The ratio fixed by RTE 1; 30 for teachers and students in one class .That is always mismatch.

9.      Our Prime Minister dream is Hi-Tech India .The schools are provided with Computers without ensuring basic needs to run computers like electrical connection / Electric Generator/ Air conditioners/ Dust proof rooms and a proper trained operator in a village Government School. As a result even some schools the computer boxes are not opened to install for the benefits of students.

10.   Science Laboratories are untouched. It’s like an antique museum in schools.

11.  A bad and pathetic are there to be seen during Board examinations at examination centre. The huge crowd of supporters, motivators and hired problem solving teachers are surrounded   the examination centre .The number at examinee are much lesser than supporters it is 1; 3. While at the same centre in CBSE / ICSE Examination only examinee .No one else……?

12.  Now for the last two years in Bihar the wonderful show on television prime times are the topper of state board examination. Kon Jaiga Jail. Who will go to jail? The Topper, School Manager, Principal, Examination Board employees?

I do not want to present just a grim image, Together we  have to find a solution where we can make a difference, what can have a big impact- when we’re on our way to changing an entire nation. It often begins with understanding the problems.

When country is experimenting on privatisations of Government run departments, why not an experiment on Government school privatisation and coin the name as Independent School .

The experiment can be done as pilot project in any one school at Block/ Panchayat level by providing entire exactly the same yearly budget of the Government School   to the organisation interested to run a private school with all terms and conditions and study the difference.

I have experience of 30 years in teaching in India and abroad .Widely travelled around the world and visited schools and studied their system. I am ready to volunteer my services for the pilot project or to study the feasibilities and solutions of Education system along with other experts.

I am preparing the directory of private school affiliated or non- affiliated .Kindly volunteer to provide me School Name, Address, Contact Email and Mobile no, Manger/ Founder & Principal Name with contact email ,Mobile and WhatsApp no.

Shakil Ahmed Kakvi

Founder Secretary, Kainat Foundation

Kainat Nagar, Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar -804418





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