US based Bihari technocrat pens a book on Kashmir

Patna: A book, titled ‘Kashmir: The Bermuda Triangle of India’, written by –Sharad Mohan, was released at a function at Hotel Chanakya in Patna on Saturday. The book was released in the presence of the author and the audience comprising some eminent academicians, civil servants and journalists.

Initially, the author Sharad Mohan who also hails from Patna and spent about two decades in USA explained the motive behind writing a book on the most controversial issue of the South Asia. He gave details of the background of this problem and how it is similar to unresolved mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

Author who worked in some top level IT companies in USA enlightened the august gathering not only with 360-degree view of Kashmir conflict but went ahead suggesting 7Cs the mantras which can be converted into strategic and operational approaches in resolving this complex problem.

Later he responded to various queries from the audience. The major part of the discussion revolved around the 7Cs suggested by the author which he also claimed as the USP of this book.

Those who participated in the discussion includes  senior academician N K Chaudhary, former director K P Jaiswal Institute- Bijoy Chaudhary,former DGP Abhyanand , former senior IAS officer Manoj Shrivastava, senior journalist- Manikant Thakur, Amarnath Tewary- Assit. Editor, the Hindu, Arun Kumar  Hindustan Times, Ajay Kumar  -Prabhat Khabar, cartoonist Pawan,  Dr Siddharth Shankar - renouned ENT surgeon Muzaffarpur and Ajay Kumar from Bihar Times.

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