Jharkhand mulls law to bar non-tribals from buying tribal land

Ranchi, July 23:The Jharkhand government is working on a policy under which if a tribal girl marries a non-tribal, she will be barred from buying tribal land.

"According to a draft of the proposed law, if a tribal girl marries a non-tribal boy, she would be barred from buying tribal land. The draft will soon be brought before the Tribal Advisory Council meeting," said an official of the Land and Revenue department.

The official said: "The married girl will be issued a caste certificate in which her husband's name and caste will be mentioned. This will stop transfer of tribal land to a non-tribal. Some other states of the country such as Odisha have such laws".

In Jharkhand, the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act barred non-tribals from buying tribal land. The officials said there are instances of a large number of non-tribals getting married to tribal girls to buy tribal land.

The legislation will be brought to the state Assembly after the Tribal Advisory Council's go-ahead.



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