Crisis in Bihar NDA

Shams Khan

The crisis in Bihar unit of NDA is not yet over. The cordiality shown by BJP and JDU leaders after Amit Shah and Nitish Kumar meeting on July 12 appears to be dissipating.

First, working president of RLSP Nagmani and then LJP's M.P. from Munger Veena Devi have come out openly against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. While Nagmani questioned the actual strength of JDU, Veena Devi did not mince her words to lash out at Bihar Chief Minister.

On July 18, she questioned, does any government exist in Bihar? She blamed Bihar CM for ‘prevailing chaotic situation’. According to her, there is rampant corruption all over the state. Veena Devi's utterances have come as a big surprise as till now no LJP leader (other than she herself) has targeted Nitish Kumar.

Political observers are of the view that the 'undue importance' given to JDU, has irked both RLSP and LJP leaders. Veena has emerged as strong leader of Munger and would in no case compromise her seat to any JDU candidates. It needs to be mentioned that in 2014 general election she defeated JDU's Lallan singh who is now a minister in state cabinet.

Some reports suggest that Lallan may be eyeing on Munger Loksabha seat for the next year election.

While, RLSP has been restive since the come back of Nitish Kumar in the allaince. The party has, once again recently, made it clear that they will not accept the leadership of Nitish Kumar.

Although Ram Vilas Paswan tried to downplay the crisis by stating that one to one meeting between JDU and BJP was the outcome of misunderstanding between the two parties and since LJP has smooth ties with BJP, such meeting was not required.
On the other hand, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari triggered a fresh round of blame game between BJP and JDU. On 19th July responding to a question in Loksabha Nitin Gadkari blamed Bihar government for the delay in acquisition on lands for road development projects worth three lakhs crore.

Reacting sharply, JDU general Secretary K.C.Tayagi turned the ball in Central government court. He admitted that contrary to expectations, despite having government of double engine, development has been slowed down in the Bihar.

Putting the onus on Modi Government for this, he said that while Maharashtra has got twenty one thousand crore rupees funds for drought from the centre, Bihar, which is suffering from the same calamity on a virtually similar scale did not get any significant help. He added that indifferent attitude of central government towards Bihar is unfortunate and sad. JDU has been raising the issue of insufficient funds for rehabilitations of last year devastating floods time and again.

According to political analyst, K. C. Tyagi statement assumes importance at this juncture as it indicates a wider fissure between the two allies. The seat sharing has still not been finalized and if such level of misgivings persist between the two the crisis may further deepen.



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