Bihar govt bans jeans, T-shirts in Secretariat

Patna, Aug 29 (IANS) The Bihar government has put a ban on wearing jeans and T-shirts in the state secretariat, irrespective of the employees' ranks.

The officials and employees have been asked to wear simple, sober, comfortable and light-coloured attire in office. 

An order issued by the Upper Secretary of the state government, Mahadev Prasad, said: "It has been noticed that officials and employees are coming to office in attires which are contrary to the office culture. This is against the office decorum." 

Now everyone will have to come to office in formal dress at any cost, he said. 

"Officials and employees must wear decent, comfortable, simple, sober and light-coloured attire. Choose your dress according to the weather and nature of work," the order read. 


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