Commuting everyday during the rush-hour traffic is a headache, and driving to and from work each day can get expensive. A perfect solution to your transport problem is Uber. Uber, a technology platform working towards transforming transportation by igniting opportunities and setting the world in motion and is one of the largest and oldest app that allows people to make transportation arrangements at the tap of a button in a matter of minutes by using a smart phone with operations in more than 600 cities worldwide. With advanced technology travelling has become a lot easier and safer at a click of a button. Get a reliable ride in just a few minutes any time and day of the year with Uber.

For riders Uber is the best way to get going, a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service where you can request rides and view fares for specific locations, and even track the location of their reserved vehicle. Earlier using Uber was considered as a one- time transportation solution but now there’s lots of ways that Uber can be used on a daily basis, whether it’s to commute to work or to pick up groceries. If you are new to this app and have been wondering what this ride-share business is all about and are thinking about trying Uber, we've got everything you need to know. This app is very user friendly, so one doesn’t have any problem using it.

Just download the Uber App in your smartphone. The rider is saved from the tension of calling a cab operator or ensuring that they have enough cash in hand. Uber’s hours of operation is round the clock so you can always request a ride, no matter what time it is. Sometimes of the day are slower and may take longer to reach but you will still get your ride. Even if you wish to go the next day and want to plan in advance, you can schedule a ride in advance. Though Uber Commute has a time restriction of 12 hours in a day.

Start your day in a new way with Uber. The Uber website has launched a new service which attempts to create a place where commuters in busy cities can offer other commuters rides to work in order to save money. A low cost alternative where riders headed in the same direction split the cost of a trip and at the same time this service helps reduce traffic congestion since fewer cars on the road reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment and everyday commuters like yourself offer rides to fellow commuters traveling in the same direction in their own white plate private car and the riders pay a nominal fare in return to share the cost and one has company when travelling back and forth to their workplace.

Uber describes this service as a way for drivers to make some extra buck by providing rides to people traveling in the same direction be it your neighbours, colleagues and others heading the same way.The first time users are treated to a free ride by way of an Uber promocode, besides that the existing users are also entitled to some steeply discounted rides using Promocode. With great offers a large group of riders interested in becoming loyal customers can grow as Uber expands its offerings.

Commute has been launched recently and is still in its early stages so it will take some time for other cars to join this platform though this service is as simple as possible. Once people get to know about this service and understand how simple the concept is and works well if you regularly drive from a point to another, and works seamlessly if you can pool your car with someone who needs a ride and make some money too. The process is the same as for booking a cab where the rider can book a taxi and if there is a pooled car available on the route, a request is sent to the driver and if it is accepted by the driver then he can go to rider’s current location and destination.

To start driving on commute one needs a 2008 or newer registered car with valid documents, driving license and PAN Card. On downloading the Uber Driver app and creating a Commute profile there after your background check is cleared you will be able to start driving, which in its normal course takes about 3-5 days after creating your profile. Once registered with the company then you will be alerted to matches heading the same way.

The riders in return pay for the ride so the fees that you are paid for providing them with a ride can help drivers reduce their commuting expenses, including their gas, car maintenance, and more. This is safe as the regular uber as all the drivers go through a background check and only those who get the pass are allowed to drive though they do not go through that much screening as the regular uber drivers because this is not for profit. This service also has the multiple stop feature which one can use so you can get riders on your daily route. Commute is a digital payment product.

So sign up today, share the cost of travel to work and back as this App is actually very intuitive and easy to use and you have company when travelling to work and back home and connecting with people heading your way.


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