Kharna performed on 2nd day of Chhath Puja in Bihar

Patna: Kharna was performed on the second day of Chhath Puja festival in Bihar. After taking Prasad of Kheer and Roti devotees have started their 36 hour-long fast without water.

Tomorrow, the devotees would offer Sandhya-Arghya to the setting Sun on the ghats of rivers, ponds and other water bodies across the state.

On Sunday morning, Pratah-Arghya would be offered in knee-deep water by devotees to the rising Sun which will mark the culmination of four-day-long celebrations. 

"Chhath ghats prepared on the banks of Ganga, Gandak, Kosi, Mahananda, Bagmati and other rivers of the state are ready for Arghya. Illuminated with colourful lights and other decorations Chhath ghats are wearing attractive look.

After the deluge most of the rivers have plenty of water to perform Puja on ghats. Safer and accessible ghats have been made for devotees and barricading has been done as a protective measure.

Markets are full of seasonal fruits, Puja related materials and people are seen busy in purchasing essential items for puja.




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