Bihar cops swear by 'Chhati Maiyya' to seek leave

Patna, Oct 30: A Bihar policeman's leave plea has gone viral on social media in which he swore by 'Chhati Maiyya' to seek leave to celebrate Chhat.

In his leave application, Sub-Inspector Narayan Singh submitted, "I, Sub-Inspector Narayan Singh, swear by Chhati Maiyya that I have been praying to Chhati Maiyya for 40 years. If I am lying my whole family would suffer."

According to sources, only those policemen who swore by Chhati Maiyya have been sanctioned leave. Around 85 policemen have reportedly submitted similar applications.

When contacted by IANS, Vikas Varman, Superintendent of Poice, Samastipur, said he got to know about the matter just now and had ordered an inquiry into it.

"No orders have been issued by the district headquarters to submit such applications. The Police Line sergeants have been asked to look into it. It's inappropriate to submit such applications. After the investigation, action will taken against such applicants."



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