“India–An Unbroken Civilization” - A Book for the Young Indians

Book Launch: Sep 21st Patna - Nalanda Hall, Hotel Maurya, Guests: Honb’le Information and Public Relation Minister, Govt of Bihar Neeraj Kumar , Shivanand Tiwari – Vice President RJD, Prof NK Chaudhury, Tripurari Sharan IAS, Manoj Srinivasa IAS, Dr. Nilotpal Goswami , Srikant , Ajay Kumar, Pranav Chaudhary, Dr Siddharth Shankar, and many others and Media folks.

Sharad Mohan, author of two books; “Kashmir – The Bermuda Triangle of India” (Best Seller) and “India – An Unbroken Civilization” (Launched on Sep 16 th , 2019)

India - an Unbroken civilization (Aryans, Dravidians, Adivasis) is about inspiring young Indian students to take up deep research in whatever field they work. Enough of depending on others for far too long, create your own standards and for that tons of focused and open-minded rational, respect for ancient civilizational wisdoms and scientific research needed! Are the young ones ready to graduate from the Whatsapp university and move to some serious research based on authentic books and Indian scriptures? This book will motivate them to make their own history and be a leader in whatever field they choose!

If we view life on the evolutionary scale, what are the important milestones? They would be the first appearance of life, in single cells, over 3.5 billion years ago (meaning 350 crore years). The next step would be multi-cellular life, then the development of mammals and other more complex creatures. Then the movement of life from the oceans to land, and then the development of consciousness. This would bring us to the present time. What would the next step on such a scale be? It becomes clear that things
like art and culture, race, language, nationalism, human evolution are too small when we look at life on our planet through the evolutionary lens.

Our current problems with one another and our differences over nation states and religion seems petty and meaningless. We should view this book from that angle. But still modern humans are involved in petty things like race, religion, region, language, politics and results into various other faultlines. Faultlines are the weakling’s that breaks the nation. This is the story of India: An Unbroken civilization, which in spite of having faultlines has remained intact. It broke probably once when it left Gondwana, separating from Madagascar moving towards Asian landmass but with that separation also India gave to the world, birth of the Tibet Plateau and Himalayas (as a result of the coalition of Indian island!

This book may remove a lot of cobwebs and bring young unbiased minds to read and research various uncovered aspects of science vis a vis ancient Indian wisdoms and start the honest debate on various forcefully concluded topics of the yesteryears. Author has included in this book various divides or faultlines in the Indian civilization, be it geological or genetics or cultural or political in nature starting from the formation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago to peopling of the Indian sub-continent, to the events witnessed in 2019.

This book touches the Aryan Invasion Theory, Aryan Migration Theory, Dravidian Movement, Adivasis the original sons of the soil, Linguistic divide and many more. In spite of facing multiple aggressors, who destroyed her many times, the idea of India remained intact as far as cultural unification was concerned though she was divided into a Muslim Pakistan and Secular-Plural India, just on the day of her Independence from the colonial rule.


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