Bhojpuri singer hits back at NDA with new song

Patna, Oct 16: Bhojpuri Singer Neha Singh Rathore on Thursday hit back at the NDA government in Bihar through her new song.

The new song is an extended version of her earlier song titled "Bihar Mein Ka Ba" (what is in Bihar). It is an answer to BJP's song "Bihar Mein E Ba" (this is in Bihar) released by the party's IT cell on October 13, which was promoted extensively by the BJP leaders and its star campaigners.

Neha through her new song, replied point by point to BJP's song.

The new song titled 'La Suna Jabab, Ka Ba Bihar Mein' by Neha pointed at the lack of medicines, statures, ventilators, ambulances, and medical and paramedical staff at hospitals across Bihar.

She further said they (NDA leaders) are making tall promises but nothing is happening on the ground. They have strong connections with 'Bahubalis' (strongmen), but have nothing to do with the poor people; they just want to retain in power, Neha said through her new song.

The singer, who has been critical of the NDA government in Bihar, through her new song highlighted what she clalled the depleting law and order situation in the state, and the 'callous attitude' of the NDA government in handling the migration issue.

The challenge by the Bhojpuri singer has great implications in Bihar politics, as many political experts believe that the clash between her and the NDA regime could hurt the latter in the upcoming Assembly polls in the state.

"Singers and poets are generally critical about the ruling government. It is perhaps for the first time that a political party -- the BJP -- which claims to be largest in the world, has replied to a singer. Here the singer has nothing to lose," said Saroj Yadav, a Patna-based political expert.



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