BiharHumanChain2020 trended in support of developments in Bihar

New Delhi, Jan 19 :) The people of Bihar on Sunday launched a mega event by forming a human chain to create awareness about several developments in the state including ''Jal-Jivan-Hariyali'' campaign.

At least five crore people are participating in an event to form the largest-ever human chain at the historic Gandhi Maidan for an initiative spearheaded by Chief Nitish Kumar.

This human chain claimed to be longest to be attempted, is being formed to promote the state government''s pro-environment conservation campaign along with denouncing the practice of dowry, and child marriage and banning liquor.

"Today, 5,16,71,389 Bihari''s have completed a historic 18,034 km stretch in favour of ''Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali'' campaign, drug de-addiction and against child marriage and dowry system," the Chief Minister tweeted, adding that "This human chain will prove to be a milestone in spreading awareness about environmental protection and campaigns for climate change and other social reforms."

He also thanked the people of Bihar for their unprecedented support.

A user took to Twitter and said: "Environment can''t be protected without informing and empowering people. Spread the message of #JalJeevanHariyali."

Another tweeted: "We are always stronger together! Let''s send the message of #JalJeevanHariyali out loud to ensure a greener and healthier future for Bihar! #BiharHumanChain2020."

To bring any change, first of all we should try to change the mindset of people and this step may do the same... #biharhumanchain2020," wrote a user.



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