Poster politics in Bihar heats up post Arunachal Pradesh

Patna, Jan 2: Following the souring of ties between Janata Dal United (JDU) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), political temperatures in Bihar continue to soar defying the winter.

An evidence of can be found in posters of BJP leaders cutting CM Nitish Kumar's chair pasted at prominent locations of state capital Patna. However, it is not clear who is behind the action.

The poster has several provocative messages including "Arunachal to bas jhanki hai, ye kursi abhi baki hai" (Arunachal was just a trailer, the BJP will now cut this chair as well.)

After the Arunachal Pradesh episode in which several JD (U) leaders crossed over to the BJP, CM Nitish Kumar and his party members are reportedly miffed with its ally in Bihar.

The opposition is cashing in on it by claiming that Nitish Kumar will soon join the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance). Former CM Rabri Devi said as much on Friday. The JDU on the other hand has made it clear that the RJD and the Congress are desperate to grab power. Hence they are spreading these falsehoods.

Chitranjan Gagan, the state spokesperson of RJD, said: "Nitish Kumar has had a healthy relationship with Lalu Prasad in the past. Moreover, Nitish is facing humiliation in the NDA. In this case, the claim of former CM Rabri Devi may turn out to be true in the next few months."

In a tweet on Friday, Rabri Devi said that discussions are underway to include CM Nitish Kumar in Mahagathbandhan.

BJP MP Ajay Nishadh said: "There is no chance of Nitish Kumar leaving the NDA. After returning to the NDA for the second time, he won't go anywhere. A few differences between the JDU and the BJP and will soon be resolved. Both parties want the government to complete its five-year tenure."


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