19 persons arriving from UK missing in Patna


Patna, Jan 4: At least 19 persons, who arrived from the United Kingdom recently, are missing in Patna, officials said on Monday.

Patna Civil Surgeon, Dr Vibha Kumari, said that the matter has been handed over to the police.

"The Patna airport has given the list of passengers who came from the UK from November 23 to December 31 and their addresses. When health officials went to their houses to put them under quarantine, they found they were missing. Since their mobile numbers are untraceable, it is extremely difficult to trace them out and put under quarantine," Vibha Kumari told IANS.

The UK is witnessing surge in corona cases after detection of a new variation which causes a higher infection rate. Hence, India's Health Ministry had issued fresh guidelines for passengers returning from the UK these days.

"New versions of coronavirus are considered as more transmissible. Hence we have to find them to prevent transmission of the deadly virus to others. The acts of these passengers are extremely irresponsible and are a threat to other persons.

"They could face legal action under the Disaster Management and Epidemic Acts. We will also recommend authorities for cancellation of their passports as well," she said.


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