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"tokyo celebrates bihar diwas in grand style: showcasing the rich cultural heritage of bihar"

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bihar diwas is celebrated on 3rd april 2023 in vivekananda cultural society auditorium, tokyo japan of indian embassy by bihar foundation japan chapter aka bihar jharkhand association of japan in association with indian embassy of japan.

shri mayank joshi jee (deputy chief of mission of indian embassy), lauds bihari diaspora for celebrating bihar diwas in traditional style". deputy chief of mission commends biada and bihar tourism teams for showcasing investment potential and rich heritage of bihar during bihar diwas celebration.

amazon jobs writing reviews

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"bihar diwas celebration in tokyo features mesmerizing performances, including the world-renowned jhijhiya group dance and solo performances"

"bihar diwas celebration in tokyo captivates audience with a thought-provoking skit based on rashmi rathi, an epic poem by rashtra-kavi shri ramdhari singh dinkar"

the bihari diaspora in japan, with their access to wide range of business networks, resources, and expertise in japan, and back home, is committed to play a critical role in promoting investment opportunities as well as in promoting the tourism sector in bihar.

it's wonderful to hear that the bihar diwas celebration included a display of traditional art and crafts such as basket weaving, pottery, and embroidery and also including mithila paintings. these crafts are often passed down through generations and have been an integral part of bihar's cultural identity.

i hope the display of bihar's traditional art and craft during the bihar diwas celebration helped promote and preserve these valuable cultural traditions.

bihar is known for its diverse and flavorful cuisine, so it is not surprising that delicious food was also served during the bihar diwas celebration. there is no doubt the audiences were overwhelmed throughout the program. 

we are also thankful to below members for their active participations and support during the event : anand vijay, mukesh gupta, dilip kumar, utshav, aprajita, ravindra, vinod, abhishek , vikash ranjan, jyoti , zoya, lakshmi, shivani, rashi, nupur jha, onkar jha, monica, divya,gopal pathak, rajesh kushwaha, madhumita, shikha, kundan, dilkush, mukesh singh, .aparajeeta kumari, bibha singha, sabina lliasova, suna kothari & shilpa ambashta. 


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