Nitish asks Kushwaha to go 'as soon as possible', Kushwaha demands 'stake'


Patna, Jan 25 (IANS) Amid the political temperature heating up in the JD-U over party leader Upendra Kushwaha, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday said that he should go as soon as possible.

An angry Nitish Kumar was not even ready to hear name of Kushwaha, the party's Parliamentary Board President.

"Don't ask me about him. He is in touch with the BJP and alleging that we are in contact with the saffron party. He is free and independent to go anywhere. No one would stop him," he said.

"Kushwaha is saying the JD-U is weakening in Bihar, I want to tell him to go and celebrate it. He does not know our party has been turning out stronger than before. There are 75 lakh people associated with the JD-U in Bihar. Whatever Kushwaha has claimed was absolutely false.

"We have promoted every leader who joined our party but they either worked against it or left it," Nitish Kumar said.

Reacting on the Chief Minister's statement, Kushwaha demanded a "stake" but did not clarify on its nature or whether it was in the party or government.

"Well said, elder brother. If the younger brother would leave like this, it would be easy for the elder brother to grab the parental properties. How could I leave without taking my stake," he tweeted.


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