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In a response to a request for comment, Amazon said that "we have long-standing policies to protect the integrity of our store, including product authenticity, genuine reviews, and products meeting the expectations of our customers." But the report is thrusting the question of fake reviews on Amazon - an issue that Amazon has wrestled with over the past several years - back into the spotlight. This newest scam takes advantage of another Amazon feature, which was developed in part to ensure more authentic reviews: the "Amazon Verified Purchase" tag, which notes that the customer leaving the review bought the product from their Amazon account. Amazon's ranking algorithm places extra weight on products with mostly verified reviews. That was intended to prevent a stranger on, say, Fiverr from leaving a bunch of reviews in exchange for a small payment. But it doesn't account for the fact that a seller might offer a customer who did legitimately purchase, say, a phone charger a full refund in exchange for a positive review.


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