Robbers loot Rs 50 lakh from Axis Bank in Bihar’s Sheikhpura

Patna, July 1 (IANS) A daring heist took place at an Axis Bank branch at Sri Krishna Chowk in Sheikhpura District of Bihar on Monday, where the robbers made off with Rs 50 lakh.

According to police reports, around 12 criminals assembled outside the bank before it opened for the day.

As soon as the bank opened,

the criminals entered the premises, held the bank employees at gunpoint, and proceeded to execute the robbery. They reportedly confined the employees to a single location within the bank during the robbery.

The criminals also snatched a bag belonging to a female customer before fleeing.

Police are scrutinising CCTV footage from the bank premises to gather evidence and identify the perpetrators.

Efforts are underway to nab the robbers and recover the looted funds from them.


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