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‘adhikar rally’: a major disappointment!

prateek k anand

(bihartimes) as a keen observer and stakeholder in the development of bihar, the tamasha enacted in name of ‘adhikar rally’ has come as a major disappointment.  the build up to this rally has given me a hope that at last a bihari politician, in form of mr nitish kumar, keeps interest of bihar first, and is serious about his intent of getting special category status for the state. alas! his mannerism and pronouncements at the ramlila ground rally has belied any such hope. it was blatant exercise in befooling fellow citizens to position himself for the upcoming 2014 general election.  or, may be, mr nitish kurmar is being led down the garden path by some self seeker media people, arm chair columnists and numerous political hanger ons.

in pursuit of a massive mobilization, state administration has been virtually immobilized for over a fortnight now. same can be made out from lack of activities and delay in updation of information on state government website. after all this, one would have expected that mr kumar would outline more definitive expectations from the central government and would also lay out a program to help get the same delivered. unfortunately, he only celebrated tokenism, as made through some ambiguous statement in the budget speech, and merely exhorted people to support him once again in 2014 general election. it seems 34 out of 40 seats has not been enough in 2009 general election for this purpose. shifting goal post has now started resembling a ‘mirage’ for people of bihar, mr chief minister!

also, the subtle attempt at juxtaposing himself opposite mr narendra modi could have been hardly missed out in his speech. one could have hardly skipped the marked differences between the two. mr modi’s speech a day earlier at india today conclave and mr kumar’s speech at ramlila maidan, only exposes the hollowness of vision and lack of ideas on part of mr kumar.  while modi’s speech showed evidence of his capability to ‘make things happen’ and his ‘can do approach’, mr kumar’s speech was in contrast an alibi for his inability to ‘deliver quickly enough’. and yes, even the actual work done by the two in the states governed by them respectively, bears out the above inference. not to forget, gujarat is adding over inr 60,000 crores in its gsdp (@10%) every year where as bihar at its pick rate of its development (@12%) is adding only inr 25,000 crores. thus the gap is ever widening between the two states. mr kumar’s development model is dependent on demanding more resources from a somewhat benign central government whereas mr modi’s development model is inherent in innovative structuring to mobilize the required resources in face of a hostile central government. this is the single most important factor which sets modi apart from all other chief ministers in india. had he got a more favourable dispensation, he could have made guajarat on par with the most advanced country by now. modi’s development methods make compelling study for a student of developmental economics. this is the crux of modi saga whether his foes like mr nitish kumar recognize it or not.      

further, contrary to mr kumar statement, aligarh university branch is a product of pure vote bank politics and not ‘samaweshi vikash’ as he would like every one to believe. samaveshi vikash would have been if a central university could have been started at kishanganj to cater to the same populous, at the very same location.  had it been an extension of delhi university, no one would have complained of the vote bank politics. since it is an amu branch, one can not camouflage it in the garb of ‘inclusive development. it is plain vote bank politics pandering to the religious instincts. i know that the reasoned argument has no place in the badland of our political landscape, which is further marred by narrow vote bank interests. hence, the aforesaid statement will not make any sense to mr kumar. feeding onto the fear psychosis of muslim minority is the only ‘brahamastra’ left to tame mr modi in this game of politics.

nitish’s attempt reminds me of the classical case of a mediocre jealous person trying to drag down an exceptionally talented friend out of fear that his talented friend’s success will accentuate the intensity of his own talent deficit the most.  in the process, he even won’t mind other opportunistic mediocre candidates forging ahead at the cost of the most deserving person.

it seems mr kumar’s greatest asset has not been his own abilities but the follies committed by his bete noire  mr  lalu parasad yadav. it would have been more appropriate for him to thank mr yadav in this rally instead of the prime minister.  he just needs to pray that lalu continues with his ‘anti hero’ role, so that he can continue to don the mantle of ‘hero” for a longer time to come.

i hope better sensibilities will prevail in nda ranks. to resolve its prime ministerial candidate conundrum, it would be proper that nda resorts to primaries ala usa presidential candidate selection. this will help to come up with the most deserving candidate for the position of prime minister.

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