Who is not an Indian?

Dr. Sudhir Ranjan

Pittsburgh , USA


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, Mr. Lalu Prasad! It was a very unfortunate moment when I saw you on TV lying low with no humors on sight. Whatsoever the reason may be, you were literally howling for what happened again at the India’s so-called Financial Capital, Mumbai in the state of MAHARASHTRA within our RASHTRA. The way way you were speaking was showing the sign of your frustration and your desperation. It was sad moment for the Nation India to hear from you a proverbial statement on ‘united country’. And, death of one, Pawan Mahato, should not go in vain.
In an article published in Times of India, “Shiv Sena warns of bigger movement in Maharashtra” and senior leader like Manohar Joshi said, "your people (from Bihar) come to our (Maharashtra) state and grab jobs of our ( Maharashtra ) people, why will they not get angry". Mr. Manohar Joshi, “Justification is an apparatus of incompetence used to assemble monuments of oblivion. Those who specialize in them seldom accomplish anything else”.
Now the question is who are Indians? Are we or Are they or both??
India is the only country in the world, which is constantly ‘struggling’ for her identity within a family of 35 children in the form of 28 States and 7 Union Territories. India is the only country in the world, where there is an increasing belief on ideology of self-infliction and the political party based nationalism, which always go hand-in-hand with contemptuous mirth. As a consequence, there is no consensus on the demography of India , both inside and outside  the Parliament and the Assembly houses. No matter what, there has always been compromise on singing National Song and National anthem … whether it could be “Gahe tab jay gaatha…” or “Gaaye tab Jay gaatha…” it doesn't really matter. The popularity of Lotus is supposedly caged as a symbol of a political Party than that in comparison to as an insignia of National Flower. Suffice it to say that "loss of composite nationalism" is directly proportional to the canopy of capture and weakness.
It took months to arrest Raj Thakeray, and probably he will not be a closed chapter of Indian polity for the time being, but Mr. Lalu Prasad’s assertion on country’s unity and integrity definitely has some meaning and has started ‘frothing’ in Indian mind openly at the time when Indian Scientists are looking for unfurling the National Flag on moon.
Time has come to wake up. Otherwise new war of ‘regional independence’ will soon be unveiled in the crisis time of ‘global’ economy. It is amazing to note that Shiv Sena’s Partner BJP is maintaining silence at the cost of India’s unity. ''Let the people belonging to all religious communities strengthen the bond of Indianness," was the statement delivered by BJP leader LK Advani while addressing media persons in Guwahati - the law must take its course and culprits must be brought to justice. A man who is supposedly is the Prime Minister-in-waiting for our country and doing politics for the past 50 years too admits that there is lack of Indianness amongst us. 20 years ago Rajiv Gandhi kicked off “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, To Sur Bane Hamaara” campaign through TV, unfortunately, it failed to gain momentum and thus, gave Mr. Advani an opportunity to speak on Indianness again. I would like to ask Mr. Advani, can Manohar Joshi type a person, who uses phrases like ‘your people’ or ‘my people’, become an effective Home Minister of ‘ India ’ under your leadership in 2009, if NDA comes to Power?
Each political party has defined nationalism in the interest of their political pursuits. It is increasingly becoming difficult to separate regionalism, nationalism, fanaticism, extremism and terrorism. Bomb blast at every nook and corner, Jamia Nagar incident, cracking down Tech-terror network in Mumbai, burning train at Godhra - riot and further probe, bashing north Indians in Mumbai and elsewhere, killing of original tribal by illegal immigrants in Assam, burning churches in Orissa and Karnataka, Ram Sethu issue in Tamil Nadu etc. etc. are some recent cases which have been explained by us in either way, call it whatever one wants. It is rightly said by Churchill that true genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. The great loser really is the Nation India .
Whether Lalu Prasad and other ministers/leaders got the direct message from Mr. LK Advani on “INDIANNESS” or not, but one must note that it is the politics of partisan, chaos and negativism of Bihar that held their leaders in reserve merely as Union Ministers. They are no longer a force to reckon with as a ring-master of central political circus of New Delhi . While pursuing Bihari style politics, it is a compulsive paroxysm that allows them and the residents of Bihar to lick their own wounds more than one way. With one ‘pinch-call’ from Karunanidhi, the Chief minister of Indian State, Tamil Nadu, entire Indian bureaucracy including Prime Minister and President of India started running helter-skelter in order to protect the interest of Tamils in another country, Sri Lanka. Look at the condition of the people of India belonging to poorest states and their politicians; how many times Thakerays Bros. and their henchmen cracked whip on ‘Indians’ of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh origins. Still Thackerays were allowed to continue their ‘Hitlery mission’ – there was no stopping from ‘DELHI SULTANET’. And now, 'MNS-Shiv Sena' is threatening to use 400 years old technique of Guerrilla fight on the same land. Amazingly – alliance partners are speechless.
Buses, Taxies are being burnt. Who knows these men/women of Thakerays will help someone either in UPA or NDA to become next Prime Minister of India in 2009. For the past forty years police/bureaucracy/politician are rewinding tapes of “Thakeray doctrines”. These incidences have further exposed the strength of Ministers from the poorest state (Bihar) as “Ministers” in the council of Ministers, or the kitchen cabinet of Prime Minister and are unable to protect the interest of the people of that part of India whom they represent. The trend is endlessly encircling for the past several years.
India is celebrating her sixty birthday. It is the time to identify those people in politics, police and bureaucracy and put them in a jail, who are forcing India to ‘retire’ at this age?



I agree

I very much agree with Mr Sudhir's findings. The time has come when we need to start thinking beyond this caste politics and start working towards the development of state by taking all people together. Enough of caste politics is done in Bihar which has affected the state adversly.
We all have to think that what we have achieved in last 20 yrs when the caste politics was dominante in Bihar except the shame. In last twenty years Bihar has gone down even more.
Lets take the responsibility to make bihar once again and get the pride back for Bihar which was there some time back.
If all the educated so called highly qualified class can start thinking of doing something for their state which can give employement to atleast 10-20 of the local people it can bring a lot of difference. And we know that we are capable of doing that, the only thing which is missing is willingness. I hope that if all of us start thinking in this direction then that day is not far away when we could say ourself as a Proud Bihari and make bihar one of the leading state in the country.




Very interesting point has been raised by the learned author. India, Indian and Indianess. But has there ever been a geographical, political and administrative country called India as we have now ? Only once in 2300 years. It was Emperor Chandragupta Maurya who united India politically and geographically that included Pakistan and Afghanistan. His grandson Asoka maintained and increased it by annexing Kalinga. Thereafter, India broke up. It was Akbar who tried to create India as a nation and he is aptly called Father of Indian nationalism. But his India did not extend beyond mountain. Till 1857, India was a divided country of Rajah, Maharajah, Nawabs, Sultans who ruled their countries with iron hands. The Mughal Emperor had his kingdom inside Red Fort. After 1857 uprising, British took control and after 2000 years, India was one political, geographical and administrative entity as it was at the time of Chandragupta. The newly introduced western education produced Vivekanand, Gandhi, Nehru, Tilak, Gokhale, Subhash and many others. And from there came the idea of one India.    So the idea of India was just 90 years old in 1947 when independence came. No wonder Indians are confused as to what is nationhood and are rigidly sticking to their regional roots. And perhaps that may be the reason why we have so many regional leaders like Mamta, Mayavati, Mulayam, Laalo, Ram Vilas, Thackarey, Abdulla etc and not a single national leader in the mould of Nehru, Shastri, Vajpayee  
Dr. A. Kumar
Norfolk, England


Why dont Biharis ever speak of fixing their own house i.e Bihar which is run by incompetent,corrupt and lawless goons?
All talk of Biharis being great and hard working will always get thrown out of the window if anyone observes the pathetic condition of your state and UP as well!
Overpoppulated,lawless,Zero cultutered Biharis and Bhaiyyas is the only thing that comes to mind when I draw an image of UP/Bihar.