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The Reverse Jurney


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Author: Vivek Kumar Singh

Publisher: Frog Books, an Imprint of Lead Start Publishing Pvt Ltd

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Price :Rs.95; US $ 6, pages 122 ( paper back )


This book is a placid narration of a middle class not so rich young man beginning his educational career as a common young man reaching IIT-a dream of all brilliant students in India. This narration christend as a book of story is without any plot, mystery, fantasy and power to surprise convincingly of traditional stories.

Written by a Bihari IITian from IIT, Kanpur, it’s a modest attempt of a man of science & technology- alien to the literary culture trying to establish fusion of the two cultures in his book of Art. It is a good attempt to explore the mind and psyche of a non-resident Indian conditioned by an alien social surroundings who often suffers from the dilemma between pursuing his career abroad and returning to his native land carrying his value system with him imbued with a sense of belongingness.

Obviously the author has experienced inner contradictions within himself and others round him and therefore, the story has taken a turn of a mini and broken ‘ Bildungsroman’ novel projecting the author’s perception in form of himself as an ‘Alter Ego’. The story is autobiographical beginning with first chapter entitled ‘ Enigma’ in USA where the Protagonist lives for five long years when he suddenly requests his Company to transfer him to India and thereafter reverse journey started.

This novel is divided into seven chapters beginning with ‘Enigma’ and covering the chapters ‘Reverse Journey’, ‘Reminiscences’, ‘Bangalored’, ‘American Touch down’, ‘American Expose’ ends in ‘India Calling’.


Vivek Kumar Singh belongs to Class of 96 of IIT Kanpur.Since then, he has been part of the IT revolution travelling across the globe and working for various companies. He learned conscience and sensitiveness in the jungles of Jharkhand where he did his schooling, at Netarhat, a government residential public school, and a spell at Science College, Patna, made him a politically sensitive animal. Presently Vivek is based in Bangalore and can be reached at