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patna, (bihar times): recently, a controversy  regarding the formation of a press club for local media persons cropped up in the media circle of patna.  this controversy shows that still the media of bihar is vibrant and conscious of their right and dignity despite all round degeneration even at the national level.

a move by some local journalists to form a private trust with all its sponsors as life members was opposed tooth and nail by more than 95 percent of the media people despite the fact that many of them were close friends with some of the  trustees. the vociferous opposition virtually caught govt. officials unaware of this scheming design of the selfish people. bihar times has decided to make this issue open for public discussion because media in bihar still commands respect in view of the fact that  a large no. of media men still feel that their integrity is integral to the larger welfare of a democratic society in which we live.

we are putting all facts before our readers and solicit their opinion.

copy of the deed as:

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i would like to strees that healthy journalism is as much about neutral reportrage as it is about reporting (or suggesting) positive developments in and around society. you have to be free of your personal likings and dislikings. its a general feeling both inside and outside bihar that good things are happening. people (both rural and urban) testify this in general. nothing wrong in reporting that. writing about (or awarding) a positive developmment is as much necessary (to encourage people to bring in more such changes) as it is to be critical of negative or selfish developments.

of late, i have been going through quite a few write-ups of mr. saroor ahmed. he seemed quite critical of the establishments, both media and the government. but he fails to suggest any thing better. mere cynicism is not going to benefit bihar or its people. i am yet to see any any positive article from mr. saroor. this is as good (or bad) as his biased journalist brethren ( the so called pro-establishment cronies).

it does not take rocket science to know why previous establishment went for 15 years. it was not due to critical media as mentioned by the writer. in fact media was decimated like all other institution and people did not care about what they are writing. they just cared about what their raja is saying! and it took a while for our people to realize where they are heading in this 21st century.

bihar still remains a society divided among caste and communal lines. this is at heart of its backwardness. this is also reflected in media in bihar. unless this is curbed no amount of goodwill (or good work) can change bihar. mr. saroor should at least appreciate that people in bihar are now talking about corruption as a menace. otherwise in previous establishments they were reconciled to its institutionalization and even accepted it as their fate.

its a refreshing change that bihar is in news now a days not for its 'prodigious' sons like sahabuddins, suraj bhans, taslimuddins, sunil pandey, pappu yadavs and so on. and perhaps among very few ministry in the country free of any criminal charges. this ministry may not be 100% free of corrution, but then look at our electroal system. compare this with our perennial brother up, where atique ahmeds and shekhar tiwaris still ruling the roost. even centre this time is not free of criminals.

in this light, why is mr. saroor so critical about someone given best politician or best cm award? and if he is rightly so why he is not bringing in other facts to the fore?

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politician- media nexus is dangerous for democracy

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it was good move by cm to identify journalists and media in bihar by providing facilities for them with press club. unfortunately the greed of journalists who wanted to hi-jack whole press of bihar became blockage to this whole move. this is shame on them to form a trust, make themself lifelong member/trustee of the trust and rushing to cm to give all facilities planned for press club to their trust which means to them. how ridiculous it is to reas such a shameful act by them. whole media should protest their act. does they know how their reporting looks like? pathetic. if you try to lookback their last couple of news and their social background you will see their thinking and level of reporting they do. thanks bihartimes for bringing this issue to the notice to netizens.

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it's a very good move to have a press club in bihar. press must enjoy freedom and shouldn't be instrument of a few people. life membership of the press club based on sponsorship could make it a lobby of rich people.
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i sincerely appreciate the move by bihar times for initiating such a debate and discussion over things which was covertly overt in media circle of patna...bihar times has mustered courage to call a spade a spade and for temerity to point finger out on its own fraternity...
[un]fortunatley i was also in the meeting which was called by the iprd secretary to make a consensus over the move to have a press club in patna as being directed by the chief minister...i was fortunate 'cause i got to know the facts and things which was moving on in a very clandestine manner by a "group of 12" very talented journos to form a "lifelong trustee of the said press club"...
and, unfortunate 'cause i considered myself totally out of place at that meeting of my enlightened friends.. in fact i got to know i was not cut out for that kind of healthy and vibrant [????!!!] meeting of my journalist friends who were so furiously debating the issue that something very expensive was being taken out from their mouth...
at some time a g-12 members were even seen ready to pounce on the other group who were opposing it...and, the other group, as being called by a member, the frustee, not trustee group, sounded scheming to play their own game to take the ball in heir own court...
the meticulous iprd secretary sometime looked dazed, sometime flummoxed in trying to figure out something from the hurly-burly of the meeting...though, he finally succeeded in getting some points straight and the meeting came to an end...
and, i got time to piss in the tiled toilet and relax myself trying to figure out why and why not i should come here again??!!... someone from behind said what is rotting media by a group of media persons must be exposed, must be condemned...
and, that purpose was, to some extent, served on that day...
once again thanks to bt for taking up such a debate...
amarnath tewary
spl. correspondent
the pioneer